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Division: Sport Fish
Title: Kenai River Chinook salmon abundance and migratory timing
Author: Reimer, A.
Year: 2014
Report ID: Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Regional Operational Plan ROP.SF.2A.2014.03, Soldotna.
Abstract: The primary purpose of this research is to provide an estimate of Chinook salmon abundance entering the Kenai River that is independent of existing sonar programs. Both estimates of abundance have been used to develop escapement goals for Kenai River Chinook salmon (Fleischman & McKinley, 2013; McKinley & Fleischman, 2013). A secondary purpose of this research is to monitor Chinook salmon migration within the Kenai River drainage for the purpose of informing management decisions with respect to time and area.
Keywords: Kenai River; Skilak Lake; Chinook salmon Oncorhynchus tshawytscha; coho salmon O. kisutch; sockeye salmon O. nerka; pink salmon O. gorbuscha; Dolly Varden Salvelinus malma; rainbow trout O. mykiss; mark-recapture