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Division: Sport Fish
Title: Crooked Creek Chinook salmon enhancement project.
Author: Cope, J. L.
Year: 2013
Report ID: Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Division of Sport Fish, Regional Operational Plan ROP.SF.2A.2013.06, Soldotna.
Abstract: The overall goal of this research program is to reconstruct naturally- and hatchery-produced returns of Chinook salmon to Crooked Creek such that a biological escapement goal (BEG) can be established. Crooked Creek is a tannin-stained stream flowing into the glacial waters of the Kasilof River approximately 11 kilometers (km) upstream of the Kasilof River’s mouth in Cook Inlet. This operational plan describes Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) Chinook salmon enhancement, escapement enumeration and biological sampling at the Crooked Creek Facility. Historically, hatchery-produced smolt from the Crooked Creek Chinook salmon stock have been stocked at different sites to create or enhance sport fisheries. Presently this stock is used to enhance Crooked Creek itself, one stocked lake on the Kenai Peninsula, and terminal fisheries in Resurrection Bay. The objectives of this study during 2013-2015 are to annually (1) census the escapement of naturally- and hatchery-produced Chinook salmon in Crooked Creek that pass through the weir from late May to the middle of August, and (2) estimate the age composition, sex composition, and age-by-sex composition of the naturally- and hatchery-produced Chinook salmon in Crooked Creek, such that the estimated proportions are within 10 percentage points of the true value 90% of the time.
Keywords: Crooked Creek, Kasilof River, Chinook salmon, salmon enhancement, escapement enumeration, biological sampling, weir, age composition, sex composition