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Division: Sport Fish
Title: Early-run Chinook salmon creel survey, Kasilof River, Alaska, 2009–2010
Author: Cope, J
Year: 2012
Report ID: Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Fishery Data Series No. 12-80, Anchorage
Abstract: A creel survey of anglers for Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) was conducted on the Kasilof River in 2009 and 2010. The project was operated from 16 May to 30 June during both years. Catch, harvest, and angler effort estimates were generated for both naturally- and hatchery-produced Chinook salmon. In 2009, catch was 2,276 (SE 344) fish: 1,239 (SE 173) naturally-produced fish and 1,005 (SE 178) hatchery-produced fish. Harvest for 2009 was 1,532 (SE 270) fish: 576 (SE 122) naturally-produced fish and 956 (SE 177) hatchery-produced fish. In 2010, catch was 3,128 (SE 462) fish: 1,960 (SE 270) naturally-produced fish and 1,152 (SE 212) hatchery-produced fish. Harvest for 2010 was 1,333 (SE 219) fish: 273 (SE 44) naturally-produced fish and 1,060 (SE 206) hatchery-produced fish. The estimated number of anglers was 11,393 (SE 955) in 2009 and 10,500 (SE 785) in 2010, while effort was 48,911 (SE 4,734) angler-hours in 2009 and 52,973 (SE 5,143) angler-hours in 2010. Naturally- and hatchery-produced Chinook salmon catch, harvest, and effort estimates by angler type and method are also included in this report as well as harvest estimates by age and sex.
Keywords: Kasilof River, Oncorhynchus tshawytscha, Chinook salmon, creel survey, effort, harvest, age composition