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Division: Sport Fish
Title: Upper Cook Inlet personal use salmon fisheries, 2007-2009
Author: Dunker, K. J.
Year: 2010
Report ID: Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Fishery Data Series No. 10-89, Anchorage
Abstract: From 2007 to 2009 participants in the Upper Cook Inlet personal use salmon fisheries were required to record their harvest and effort on a free permit and return it to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game after the fisheries closed. The number of permits issued increased every year of the study with over 29,600 permits issued in 2009. The response rate for returned permits averaged 86% during this study. Returned permits were used to estimate total harvest and effort for the Kasilof River set gillnet, Kasilof River dip net, Kenai River dip net, and Fish Creek dip net fisheries. Sockeye salmon harvest from 2007 to 2009 averaged 21,674 fish for the Kasilof River set gillnet fishery, 56,793 fish for the Kasilof River dip net fishery, 288,457 fish for the Kenai River dip net fishery, and 9,898 for the Fish Creek dip net fishery. Most permits were issued to residents of Anchorage followed by residents of the Kenai Peninsula and the Matanuska-Susitna Valley. Most permit holders did not fill their seasonal annual limit, and differences in their success varied with the number of fisheries they participated in, which fisheries they participated in, and the amount of effort spent fishing.
Keywords: Kenai River, Kasilof River, Fish Creek, personal use, dip net, set gillnet, subsistence, sockeye salmon, coho salmon, Chinook salmon, pink salmon, chum salmon, flounder, permit