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Division: Sport Fish
Title: Northern pike eradication in the Cottonwood Creek drainage - Phase 1.
Author: Jacobson, C., K. Dunker, and D. Rutz.
Year: 2017
Report ID: Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Regional Operational Plan ROP.SF.2A.2017.04, Anchorage.
Abstract: This project will lay the groundwork for the eventual eradication of invasive northern pike from the Cottonwood Creek drainage by conducting biological assessments of 2 lakes known to contain invasive northern pike (Anderson and Kings lakes), surveying Little Niklason and Mud lakes for the presence of northern pike, collecting water quality data and bathymetric data from all drainage lakes, developing a preliminary pike eradication plan, and conducting public scoping to determine the level of support for eradication.
Keywords: invasive species, northern pike, Esox lucius, Cottonwood Creek drainage, Anderson Lake, Kings Lake, Little Niklason Lake, Mud Lake, water quality, bathymetry.