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Sport Fish Reports
by Area

Fishing reports are provided for the major fisheries throughout the state. These reports are prepared by the biologist most familiar with each area. Reports are provided throughout the busy summer season on more or less a weekly basis. During the winter and less active months the reports are updated only as conditions or regulations change.You should check this site before venturing out to fish to get the most current information.

Southeast Fishing Reports Southcentral Fishing Reports Interior Fishing Reports

Seasonal summaries and past year’s fishing updates can be helpful in planning your upcoming fishing season and are available from the archive links on this page and within each management area page.

Regulation Books are also online on our regulations web pages. These regulations are valid through April 15, at which time the new regulation books will be available.

In season changes in regulation can occur due to conservation issues. These changes are made by Emergency Orders which are announced through the media and can also be found on our Emergency Orders and Press Releases page.

End of Year Summaries
by Area