Alaska Fish & Wildlife News
August 2013

Hunting videos
Fish and Game has a variety of videos

By Riley Woodford

“Is this Moose Legal”

A 40-minute video detailing how to judge a legal moose, especially with regard to spike-fork-50” antler harvest regulations. This is required viewing for some areas.

A lower resolution, download friendlier version

“Field Care of Big Game Meat”

This 52-minute video will show you a step-by-step method to field dress a moose, no matter how or where the animal has fallen. About 53 minutes long.


Field Care of Big Game is required viewing for unguided nonresident moose and caribou hunters in Game Management Unit 19B.

“Take a Closer Look” - Brown Bear Identification Video

An excellent video produced by the Yukon Government to educate hunters and guides on how to judge trophy bears. The first 12-minutes of this video offer an excellent tutorial in judging the gender and age of brown bears. Wildlife viewers can definitely benefit from this, as well as hunters. Time: 12 min training video followed by 3 quizzes. Total time of 1 hour 9 min.


A lower resolution, download friendlier version of the first 12 minutes.

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