Alaska Fish & Wildlife News
January 2010

Sea Lion versus Octopus

By Riley Woodford

A rainy late-December walk on a north Douglas Island beach revealed a wildlife spectacle for Staci Augustus of Juneau. She saw a Steller sea lion thrashing around on the surface of the water near the beach and began photographing it.

“It was eating something – I couldn't tell what at the time but I figured it was a fish or crab.”

She shot the activity for about five minutes and didn't realize exactly what was going on until she downloaded the pictures. Displayed on the computer ...   Sea Lion vs Octopus ArticleContinued

Where Sleeping Bears Lie

By Riley Woodford

Joe Baxter was climbing a ridge on a hunting trip when he found himself face to face with a bedded down but wide awake black bear.

It was October, and the Juneau hunter and outdoorsman was hoping to bag a mountain goat on an archery-only hunt. He was picking his way through a set of cliffs to access the alpine when he heard a snort and looked up to see a bear lying in a hole amid the roots of a big spruce.

“Here is this bear calmly staring at me, about five feet away,” Baxter ...   Bear Dens ArticleContinued