Alaska Fish & Wildlife News
July 2022

Working for Wildlife
Short films highlight wildlife research

By Riley Woodford

How do you learn what is killing baby muskox? How can a hunting dog help biologists learn about grouse and ptarmigan? Two new Working for Wildlife videos answer these questions.

Working for Wildlife is a new series of three-to-five-minute videos featuring Fish and Game biologists and their work with Alaska wildlife. The series debuted in April with a look at biologist Sara Germain’s aerial surveys of moose near Nome. She narrates a flight over the snowy tundra on ...   Working for Wildlife Article Continued

How are the Deer?
Surveys offer insights

By Riley Woodford and Abby McAllister

Alaskans have seen winters that killed most of the deer in parts of Southeast. This year, the lengthening days of spring found deer in pretty good shape and in good numbers. Why is that, and how do wildlife managers learn how deer fared over the winter?

Steve Bethune is the area biologist for the most popular and productive area for hunting deer in Southeast Alaska. More than half the deer harvested in Southeast come off the ABC islands – Admiralty, Baranof and Chichagof – Game ...   How are the Deer? Article Continued

I found a baby bird!

By Arin Underwood

The baby robin ran away from me as I approached. It was surprisingly mobile despite its obvious youth, a bright yellow beak for begging for food, scraggly adult feathers growing in alongside its baby down, and scrawny wings that didn’t look much good for anything yet.

I was barely out of high school and was following a little bird that obviously could not fly, running across the ground and looking like an easy target for a stray cat. Wanting to protect the baby bird who I thought ...   I found a baby bird! Article Continued