Alaska Fish & Wildlife News
December 2021

Hanging on by a Thread
The Great Alaska Loon Rescue

By Arin Underwood

It was a cool August morning in Anchorage when residents of DeLong Lake noticed something odd. A Common Loon was swimming around the lake as normal, but it was being trailed by a strange orange bobber. Reports started to roll in from the public, and Tyler Lewis of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Waterfowl program and Michael Bay of the Bird Treatment and Learning Center visited the lake to investigate.

There was indeed an adult Common Loon swimming about the lake with its mate, a ...   Loon Rescue Article Continued

Weathervane Scallops
They see, they swim, they’re giant bivalves

By Riley Woodford

The scallops looked awesome. Piled in a bowl on ice in the grocery store seafood case, the plump morsels of ivory-white meat were big as marshmallows. A bit more expensive, however: $32 a pound.

The friendly butcher in his clean white coat and mask said the price had gone up in recent months. He grabbed a five-pound box from the freezer. “Alaska Weathervane Scallops - 100% natural, frozen at sea.” They were harvested July 18 by the F/V Provider.

Weathervane scallops are ...   Weathervane Scallops Article Continued