Southeast Kenai Peninsula
Wildlife Viewing

The journey to the sea begins high in the hills, where salmon spawn. The small fry start their lives in small tree-lined streams frequented by beavers, moose and forest birds. But another world opens up when they reach Resurrection Bay at the city of Seward. Protected by rugged coves, bays and islands, this deep, glacier-carved fjord provides homes for many kinds marine life, including sea otters, Steller sea lions, seals and three species of whales—killer, humpback and gray. Puffins, murres and other diving birds move effortlessly between air and water.

Shoreline sites give views of the bay and saltwater lagoons, while trails wind through woods and around lakes. Boat launches and cruises open the way to exploring the bay and maritime parks, including islands where sea lions and seals haul out to rest, mate and raise their pups.