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Trumpeter Swan Observatory

photo of Trumpeter Swan Observatory area wildlife The Trumpeter Swan Observatory is located along the waters of Blind Slough. Between mid-October and December, hundreds of trumpeter swans pass through to feed and rest here before resuming their southward migration, and up to 75 swans overwinter here. An enclosed wheelchair-accessible viewing shelter allows wildlife watchers to observe the swans without disrupting them, which is critical during migration and the difficult winter months. Bring binoculars or a spotting scope for optimal viewing. This is also a good summertime birding spot; look for mergansers, mallards, geese, and bald eagles.


The underwater plants in Blind Slough are an important food source for trumpeter swans, which is why they concentrate here during migration.


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Swans are easily spotted by their long, graceful necks, but you might also spot swans with their heads submerged as they feed on underwater plants.


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Be sure to stay as quiet and avoid startling or disturbing the swans while at the observatory.

Plan to spend at least: 1 - 4 hours

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The Trumpeter Swan Observatory is at mile 16 of the Mitkof Highway.


Petersburg Visitor Information Center - (907) 772-4636 or USDA Forest Service, Petersburg Ranger District - (907) 772-3871 or

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