Nonresident Falconry Take Permit
Program Overview

In 2014 the Board of Game amended Alaska’s falconry regulation [5 AAC 92.037(g)] to allow capture and export of falconry raptors by nonresident falconers under a permit issued by the Department of Fish and Game, Division of Wildlife Conservation (DWC). DWC may issue up to five permits per year. Non-resident take permits are non-transferrable and may only be issued to US citizens who possess a current falconry permit issued by their home state and a valid Alaska hunting license.

Nonresident take season:

September 15 – November 15

Bag limit

One passage falconry raptor as defined in 5 AAC 92.037(f), a current hatch year bird capable of sustained flight. Adult and nestling birds may not be taken.

  • Peregrine falcons may be taken only by Master Class falconers or General Class falconers with at least two years’ experience at the General class.

Areas Open to Take of Falconry Raptors

The DWC has not closed any areas to take of falconry raptors. However, the permittee is responsible for knowing whose land they are on and for acquiring permits or permission from the landowner/manager.

Number of Permits to be Issued in 2018

Per Alaska Board of Game guidance, 5 permits will be offered.

Application Process

  1. Individuals may submit only one application. Questions, call Permits Section (907) 465-4148.
  2. Purchase a nonresident Alaska hunting license ($160). Licenses can be purchased on-line at the Alaska Fish and Game Online Store.
  3. Once you have acquired an Alaska hunting license, complete and submit the on-line application. In addition to your Alaska hunting license number, to complete the application you will also need your home state falconry permit number and expiration date and the name, phone number and e-mail address of your home state falconry program administrator.
  4. When the application period closes, permit winners will be randomly selected from the list of applicants. Winners will be asked to accept or decline the permit by April 30. If a permit is declined, another winner will be randomly selected.

Application and Permitting Schedule

Date Event
Jan. 1 – Mar. 31 Applications will be accepted
April 15 Permit winners will be notified by e-mail
April 15 – 30 Permit winners must accept or decline permit by e-mail
April 30 Permits will be sent to winners by e-mail
Sept. 15 – Nov. 15 Open season for Nonresident