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Moose (Alces alces)


Moose are valued for their meat and as a game animal. At least 7,000 moose are harvested annually in Alaska, amounting to about 3.5 million pounds of meat.

In 2007, Alaskans took home 90 percent of the 7,400 total moose harvested. About 6,750 moose were harvested by Alaskans and 685 by nonresident hunters. The resident take is certainly higher than this, based on information collected by the Division of Subsistence, and considerable unreported or illegal harvest likely occurs in some areas.


Wildlife viewing is becoming increasingly important in Alaska. In a questionnaire completed by users of the Koyukuk Controlled Use Area, moose is the species people want to see the most. While the majority of respondents reported they were hunting only, an increasing number of people were both hunting and viewing, or only viewing. Moose viewing is particularly important along the road system.