Walrus Tracking Maps Archive

06/152/2014 – 10/300/2014

Requested Walrus Tracking Map
Over the last three weeks we did not receive any transmissions from any tagged walrus. Walruses were tagged in the Chukchi Sea from 1–23 June, 2014. The last location received for each walrus is marked with an "X".

Over the last five months, the deployed tags transmitted for an average of 50 days, ranging from 7 to 105 days. During this time walruses traveled, on average, a minimum distance of 1,760 km (1,094 miles), ranging from 10–4,130 km (6.2–2,566 miles). At a minimum, these walruses traveled, an average of 34 km (21.1 miles) per day.

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