Invasive Species — Norway Rat (Rattus norvegicus)
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Under current State of Alaska law (5AAC 92.029, 92.080(2), 92.320, 92.141, and 92.990), rat populations may be controlled or eradicated with the use of rodenticides (pesticides that target rodents) as long as the rodenticides is registered for use with the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation and used in accordance to instructions on the product label. If it is not, the rat treatment may still be allowed, but the Alaska Board of Game must give consent. It is illegal to leave garbage or food out in a manner that could attract “deleterious exotic wildlife” such as rats. The owners of vessels, shipping conveyances (aircraft, cargo trucks, etc.) and buildings are all prohibited from knowingly or unknowingly harboring or transferring rats. It is the legal responsibility of a property owner to ensure their property does not contain rats that could result in an accidental release. If rats are found, it is the property owner’s responsibility to develop and implement a rat control or eradication plan. Finally, it is illegal for any person to release a rat into the wild.