Registration Hunts

Registration Hunts Overview

Most registration hunts are available for both residents and nonresidents. Generally registration hunts do not limit the number of permits and seasons are closed by emergency order if a harvest goal is met. A few registration hunts limit the number of permits on a first-come, first-serve basis.

When to Apply

Registration permits are available year-round, although each hunt has its own application period and season dates. Applications for Registration permits are typically accepted anywhere from a week to a few months before the season begins for each hunt. Check the hunting regulations to find out when the application period begins for the hunt you are interested in applying for.

Required Items

To apply for a Registration permit, you'll need:

  1. A hunting license valid for the time period you'll be hunting.
  2. The hunt number(s) obtained from the hunting regulations.

Applying for Registration Hunts

Registration permits are issued at ADF&G offices and, in some instances, they are available at locations in or near the hunt area. In most cases you must apply in person, but some hunts allow applying through the mail. It is also possible to obtain some registration permits online.

Online Harvest Reporting

File your harvest report online for selected hunts. If your hunt is eligible for online reporting, just follow the directions. You will receive a confirmation number immediately after your report is successfully submitted.

Additional Information

Be sure to visit the Alaska General Hunting Information section of the website for more information on guiding, permit requirements, and other information.