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Upper Chena Dome and Angel Creek Trailhead — Chena River State Recreation Area

Coordinates: 65.034833, -146.217361
Game Management Unit: 20B
Land Manager: Department of Natural Resources (DNR); Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation


The Chena River State Recreation Area (SRA) is a popular destination for hunters harvesting moose, black bears, grizzlies, caribou, wolves, furbearers, and waterfowl. The Chena River provides a great place to fish, kayak, or canoe, while a variety of trails in the SRA are frequented by hikers, climbers, runners, and backpackers.

Within the Chena River SRA, the Upper Chena Dome and Angel Creek Trailhead is located at mile 50.5 on the west side of Chena Hot Spring Road just outside Fairbanks and is used by all recreation groups. Prior to the completion of this project, the Upper Chena Dome and Angel Creek Trailhead was a small, primitive parking area that struggled to facilitate safe or sanitary conditions for users, but especially for hunters seeking a location for hunt staging.

Chena Dome Angel Creek Trailhead Sign


The project objective was to improve hunting access through the development of the Upper Chena Dome and Angel Creek Trailhead. These improvements would increase the lot capacity and provide relevant user information, expand facilities, and provide a loading ramp for ATVs.


The project was completed and open to the public in June 2019. The trailhead parking area was paved and expanded to accommodate up to 27 trucks with trailers and an ATV loading ramp was constructed. Sanitary needs were met by installing a second vaulted toilet and bear-proof garbage cans. A kiosk with orientation panels, trail maps, and informative signs provide users with background for the area.

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Upper Chena Dome and Angel Creek Trailhead Location

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