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Trailhead Development and Improvement — Chena River State Recreation Area

Game Management Unit: 20B
Land Manager: Department of Natural Resources (DNR); Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation


The Chena River State Recreation Area (SRA) is a popular destination for hunters harvesting moose, black and grizzly bears, caribou, wolves, furbearers, and waterfowl. The Chena River provides a great place to fish, kayak, or canoe, while a variety of trails in the SRA are frequented by hikers, climbers, runners, and backpackers.

Hunters frequently stage their hunts in the provided parking areas throughout the SRA. During previous hunting seasons, parking lots were often full, disorderly, and generally inadequate in meeting the needs of multiple user groups. This project aimed to develop or improve the following:

  • Sufficient parking for trucks with trailers
  • Management of traffic flow
  • Vaulted toilets
  • Informational signage
  • Accessible trailhead amenities

The Hunter Access Program helped develop and improve the following three trailheads within the Chena River SRA:

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