Gene Conservation Laboratory
SNP Workshops

2005 SNP Workshop

Developing Cooperative Databases for Pacific Salmon
Hosted By: American Fisheries Society, Genetics Section
Anchorage Hilton Hotel
Anchorage, Alaska
April 28-29, 2005

Thursday, April 28 (Fireweed Room)
08:00 Coffee (fresh fruit and breakfast breads) and pick up registration packet
09:00 Jim Seeb, Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Introduction to workshop: why SNPs for coastwide databases?
09:30 Gordon Luikart, Universite Joseph Fourier
SNPs (in relation to other markers) in domestic and wild sheep and goats
10:10 Per Palsboll, University California Berkeley
More is not always better: Comparing statistical power in assessing genetic heterogeneity with bi- and multi-allelic genetic markers
10:50 Break
11:10 Tony Dodge, Applied Biosystems Incorporated
Optimizing TaqMan Genotyping
11:50 John Goldsmith, Applied Biosystems Incorporated
SNPlex Genotyping on Capillary Sequencers.
12:30 Lunch (Aleutian Room)
13:30 Lisa Seeb, Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Overview of DNA standardization for Pacific Salmon Commission studies
13:50 Christian Smith, Alaska Department of Fish and Game
SNP discovery in Pacific salmon: ascertainment bias is our friend
14:10 Syuiti Abe, Hokkaido University
Mitochondrial DNA SNPs detected in the Pacific Rim populations of chum salmon
14:40 Shogo Moriya, Nisshinbo Industries
DNA microarray for rapid detection of mitochondrial DNA SNPs in chum salmon
15:10 Break
15:30 Laboratory Overviews (about 15 minutes each)
  • Tim King, USGS Leetown Science Center
  • Kate Bucklin, Renee Bellinger, Greg Moyer, Isabelle Meusnier,Hatfield Marine Station
  • James Rydderch, Piper Schwenke, and Anna Elz, Northwest Fisheries Science Center
  • Sewell Young, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Chris Habicht, Bill Templin, Alaska Department of Fish and Game
  • Molly Stephens, Dept. Animal Science UC Davis
18:00 Reception (Chart Room)
Firday, April 29 (Firewood Room)
08:00 Coffee, Pastries, and announcements
08:30 Linda Park, Northwest Fisheries Science Center
Fifteen-year history of SNP development and applications at NOAA Fisheries
09:00 Christian Smith, Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Introduction to Breakout Groups
10:00 Tentative breakout groups (Fireweed, Cook Inlet, & Prince William Rooms; ADF&G�laboratory & Denaina Conference Room)

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Chinook salmon nuclear SNP ADF&G|Ots_P450

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