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2008, In Press, and Review


Beacham, T. D., Wetklo, M., Wallace, C., Olsen, J. B., Flannery, B. G., Wenburg, J. K., Templin, W. D., Antonovich, A., and Seeb, L. W. 2008. The application of microsatellites for stock identification of Yukon River Chinook salmon. North American Journal of Fisheries Management. 28(1): 283-295. Allele Frequencies (PDF 37 kB)

Smith, C. T. and L. W. Seeb. 2008. Number of alleles as a predictor of the relative assignment accuracy of STR and SNP baselines for chum salmon. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 137:751-762. Allele Frequencies (PDF 23 kB)



Seeb, L. W., Antonovich, A., Banks, M., Beacham, T., Bellinger, R., Blankenship, S., Campbell, M., Decovich, N., Garza, J. C., Guthrie, C., Lundrigan, T., Moran, P., Narum, S., Stephenson, J., Supernault, J., Teel, D., Templin, W. D., Wenburg, J. K., Young, S., and Smith, C. T. 2007. Development of a standardized DNA database for Chinook salmon. Fisheries 32(11): 540-552. Allele Frequencies (PDF 154 kB)

Smith, C. T., Antonovich, A., Templin, W. D., Elfstrom, C. M., Narum, S. R., Seeb, L. W. 2007. Impacts of marker class bias relative to locus-specific variability on population inferences in Chinook salmon; a comparison of SNPs to STRs and allozymes. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 136: 1674-1687. Allele Frequencies (PDF 103 kB)

Habicht C., L. W. Seeb and J. E. Seeb. 2007. Genetic and ecological divergence defines population structure of sockeye salmon populations returning to Bristol Bay, Alaska, and provides a tool for admixture analysis. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 136:82-94. Allele Frequencies (PDF 38 kB)

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