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Prince William Sound and Upper Copper/Upper Susitna Finfish – December 3–8, 2014

Comment Deadline: November 21, 2014

Location: Cordova – Eccles School

Meeting Summary:

Meeting Documents:

Department Reports:

CFEC Memo, Comments & Reports:

Record Copy (RC) — Submitted during the meeting

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC004 (PDF 323 kB) Selected Prince William Sound Regulations
RC005 (PDF 22 kB) Jon Van Hyning Prop 29
RC006 (PDF 16 kB) Brian West Oppose Prop 1 and 4 Support Prop 18
RC007 (PDF 23 kB) Kelvin Christiansen Oppose Prop 5
RC008 (PDF 26 kB) Rick Robison Oppose Prop 5
RC009 (PDF 23 kB) James Weller Oppose Prop 5
RC010 (PDF 48 kB) David Lofland Oppose Prop 5
RC011 (PDF 19 kB) Robert Weller Oppose Prop 5
RC012 (PDF 63 kB) Albert and Genevieve Daniels Oppose Prop 5
RC013 (PDF 98 kB) Jodi Giles et al Oppose Prop 5
RC014 (PDF 84 kB) National Park Service Proposed Rule for 36CFR Part 13
RC015 (PDF 111 kB) Copper Basin Fish and Game Advisory Committee Minutes
RC016 (PDF 25 kB) Dave Walker Oppose Proposal 5
RC017 (PDF 41 kB) Whittier Boat Owner Assoc Oppose Proposal 5
RC018 (PDF 15 kB) Mark Cunningham Oppose Proposal 5
RC019 (PDF 69 kB) Jane Heisel MD Oppose Proposal 5
RC020 (PDF 634 kB) Paul Badalich Oppose Proposal 5
RC021 (PDF 611 kB) Kathie Bethard Oppose Proposal 5
RC022 (PDF 704 kB) Dan Paris Oppose Proposal 5
RC023 (PDF 54 kB) Southcentral RAC Comments
RC024 (PDF 181 kB) PWS Aquaculture Corporation Support Prop 5
RC025 (PDF 53 kB) John Renner King Salmon Regulatory Action History 2009-2014
RC026 (PDF 36 kB) John Renner Gulkana Weir Escapement
RC027 (PDF 47 kB) Kodiak Island Borough Prop 26 Oppose
RC028 (PDF 166 kB) PWS Charterboat Assoc Prop 8 Oppose
RC029 (PDF 77 kB) John Renner Gulakana River Chinook
RC030 (PDF 763 kB) ADFG PWS Fisheries Maps
RC031 (PDF 23 kB) George Covel Personal Testimony
RC032 (PDF 37 kB) Mike Bowen Personal Testimony
RC033 (PDF 33 kB) John Renner Copper River King salmon Mgmt Plan Compromise 2011BOF
RC034 (PDF 103 kB) CDFU Cordova Commercial Fishing Facts
RC035 (PDF 117 kB) CDFU COTW Group 5 Comments
RC036 (PDF 211 kB) Public Testimony List Final
RC037 (PDF 105 kB) CDFU Prop 43 Info
RC038 (PDF 54 kB) CDFU Prop 47 Info
RC039 (PDF 52 kB) Tracey Nuzzi Prop 29 and 32
RC040 (PDF 10 kB) George Covel Prop 1 Substitute Language
RC041 (PDF 19 kB) Copper River PWS AC Prop 7 Subs Language
RC042 (PDF 53 kB) CDFU BEG Committee Info
RC043 (PDF 11 kB) Mike Collins Fish Spotting Subs Language
RC044 (PDF 108 kB) CDFU 2014 Season Summary
RC045 (PDF 11 kB) Copper River PWS AC Prop 6 Subs Language
RC046 (PDF 366 kB) CDFU Copper River Chinook Escapement
RC047 (PDF 87 kB) NW and AK Seiners Prop 26 Subs Language
RC048 (PDF 562 kB) Reed Morisky Prop 7 Subs Language
RC049 (PDF 21 kB) David Reggiani PWSAC Prop 5 Subs Language
RC050 (PDF 382 kB) George Covel Prop 1 Subs Language 2
RC051 (PDF 83 kB) Sub Language for Main Bay Prop 5
RC052 (PDF 323 kB) ADFG Jeffrey Prop 1 Subs Language
RC053 (PDF 12 kB) Mike Collins Prop 21 Subs Language 2
RC054 (PDF 24 kB) ADFG Morisky Prop 6 Subs Language
RC055 (PDF 19 kB) Brad Sjostedt Prop 19-21 Subs Language
RC056 (PDF 1,010 kB) AGDB AWTA Oppose RC 47
RC057 (PDF 550 kB) AK Groundfish Data Bank Directed Harvest and Rockfish Bycatch Date
RC058 (PDF 23 kB) Ahtna Prop 37 Amended Language
RC059 (PDF 30 kB) Ahtna Prop 38 Oppose
RC060 (PDF 63 kB) Kluberton
RC061 (PDF 1,517 kB) Kluberton 58 ft Seine Definition Work Group Update
RC062 (PDF 41 kB) ADFG Tentative Agenda Pollock Workgroup
RC063 (PDF 42 kB) ADFG Miscellaneous Business Agenda

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