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Prince William Sound Finfish: December 1-5, 2017

Comment due date: November 17, 2017
Location: Valdez Convention & Civic Center
Training opportunity: Boards Support Section is hosting a training course, How to Navigate the Board Process, (PDF 3,695 kB) during the noon break on the first meeting day, December 1, in the main meeting area at the Civic Center. The training will occur roughly ten minutes after the noon break and last approximately one hour. While the training is designed for individuals new to the board process, all are welcome to join. Call Boards Support, 907-465-4110, for more information.

Meeting Summary (PDF 175 kB)

Meeting Documents (RC1)

Department Reports


Alaska Wildlife Troopers Comments (PDF 201 kB)

Department of Law Memo (PDF 55 kB)

Meeting Proposals

Prince William Sound Finfish View PDF of all proposals for Prince William Sound Finfish | Hide Category Prince William Sound Finfish

Record Copies (RCs) - Other meeting documents & documents submitted at the meeting

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC004 (PDF 67 kB) Richard Bishop Comments on proposals
RC005 (PDF 1,158 kB) Michael Bowen Proposals 47-49
RC006 (PDF 38 kB) Fairbanks AC Nov 8 Minutes
RC007 (PDF 114 kB) Michael Bowen Testimony
RC008 (PDF 1,176 kB) Leroy Cabana Prop 47
RC009 (PDF 537 kB) Leroy Cabana Prop 48
RC010 (PDF 6,154 kB) Bruce Cain Copper River Chinook SEG Proposal 13
RC011 (PDF 555 kB) ADFG Boards John Krieg Emergency Petition
RC012 (PDF 2,392 kB) ADFG Boards Draft Resolution Fish Wildlife Enforcment in Alaska
RC013 (PDF 1,033 kB) Forest Jenkins Oral Testimony Proposal 44
RC014 (PDF 935 kB) Caleb Preston Oral Testimony Proposals 41-45
RC015 (PDF 18,178 kB) Charles Upicksoun Proposal 26
RC016 (PDF 829 kB) Mike Spaetgens Oral Testimony Proposals 42-45
RC017 (PDF 1,517 kB) Paul Owecke Oral Testimony Proposals 41-45
RC018 (PDF 778 kB) Michael Brown Oral Testimony Proposals 42-52
RC019 (PDF 640 kB) Multiple Authors OEG Copper River Chinook
RC020 (PDF 1,098 kB) Kenny Jones Oral Testimony
RC021 (PDF 541 kB) Franklin John Proposal 10
RC022 (PDF 411 kB) Vincent Goodlataw Proposal 13
RC023 (PDF 1,619 kB) Eric Susan and Max Harvey Proposal 46
RC024 (PDF 713 kB) ADFG Gulkana Chinook Tower Counts
RC025 (PDF 1,388 kB) DOL Proposals 44 45 48 49
RC026 (PDF 1,623 kB) Shawna Williams Proposal 41 Maps
RC027 (PDF 1,494 kB) David Flemming Proposals 42-46
RC028 (PDF 257 kB) Leroy Cabana withdraw Proposal 39
RC029 (PDF 219 kB) Chitina Dippnetters Assoc withdraw Proposal 17
RC030 (PDF 783 kB) KRSA Definitions 5 AAC 39.222
RC031 (PDF 1,470 kB) Public Testimony List
RC032 (PDF 288 kB) ADFG per Ruffner Sub Language Prop 3
RC033 (PDF 319 kB) CDFU Subs Language Prop 16
RC034 (PDF 268 kB) John Whissel Subs Language Prop 19
RC035 (PDF 323 kB) Fairbanks AC et al Substitue Language Proposal 32
RC036 (PDF 240 kB) ADFG Substitute Language Proposal 1
RC037 (PDF 298 kB) PWS Setnetters Assoc Proposal 41
RC038 (PDF 1,046 kB) Rob Nelson Seine Picture
RC039 (PDF 1,004 kB) Eric Susan Harvey Proposal 46
RC040 (PDF 447 kB) Michael Brown Proposal 10 Fig.
RC041 (PDF 254 kB) ADFG Subsitute Language Proposal 7
RC042 (PDF 444 kB) ADFG Substitute Language per Ruffner Proposal 3 re charter
RC043 (PDF 442 kB) ADFG Substitute Language per Ruffner Proposal 3 re Sport Angler
RC044 (PDF 238 kB) John Renner Comment RC 35 re Proposal 32
RC045 (PDF 345 kB) CDFU Gillnet Div Proposal 44
RC046 (PDF 278 kB) ADFG per Cain Substitute Language Proposal 19
RC047 (PDF 164 kB) CDFU Withdraw Proposal 42
RC048 (PDF 311 kB) C&T Committee Proposal 19
RC049 (PDF 1,149 kB) C&T Committee OEG
RC050 (PDF 369 kB) Native Village of Eyak Substitute Language Proposal 19
RC051 (PDF 559 kB) CDFU Comment Proposal 10
RC052 (PDF 1,013 kB) ADFG Memo re EO Petition Yukon River District 6
RC053 (PDF 1,813 kB) Michael Bowen Comment Proposal 48 & 49
RC054 (PDF 308 kB) ADFG per Cain Substitute Language Proposal 19
RC055 (PDF 412 kB) PWS Setnetter's Assoc. Comment RC45
RC056 (PDF 429 kB) Eric & Susan Harvey Add. Comments Proposal 44
RC057 (PDF 270 kB) Michael Bowen Add. Comments Proposal 48 & 49
RC058 (PDF 297 kB) Michael Bowen Comment Proposal 47
RC059 (PDF 272 kB) ADFG Substitute Language per Ruffner Proposal 21
RC060 (PDF 231 kB) Fairbanks AC Withdraw Proposals 29 31 33 34
RC061 (PDF 269 kB) Rob Nelson Substitute Language Proposal 38
RC062 (PDF 444 kB) PWS Setnetters Association Response RC47
RC063 (PDF 621 kB) Darin Gilman Proposal 45 Map of Eshamy Dist.
RC064 (PDF 1,758 kB) CDFU Proposal 28 Commercial Fisheries Closure Information
RC065 (PDF 334 kB) CDFU Proposal 32 & Board Generated Proposal Criteria
RC066 (PDF 707 kB) David Fleming Proposal 46 Map
RC067 (PDF 262 kB) CDFU Substitute Language Proposal 43
RC068 (PDF 235 kB) CDFU Substitute Language Proposal 45
RC069 (PDF 307 kB) Michael Bowen Proposal 48 & 49 re RC53 RC57
RC070 (PDF 64 kB) ADFG Substitute Language Proposal 51
RC071 (PDF 780 kB) CDFU Proposal 35
RC072 (PDF 201 kB) PWS Setnetters Association Proposal 45
RC073 (PDF 70 kB) ADFG Boards Miscellaneous Business Agenda
RC074 (PDF 262 kB) ADFG Substitute Language Proposal 49
RC075 (PDF 423 kB) Susan Eric Harvey Reconsider Proposal 46
RC076 (PDF 71 kB) ADFG RC Log

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