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Bristol Bay Finfish: November 28-December 3, 2018

Comment due date: Nov. 14, 2018
Location: Dillingham Middle School
Training opportunity: Wednesday, Nov. 28 (first meeting day). Boards Support Section is hosting a training course, How to Navigate the Board Process (PDF 3,395 kB) during the lunch break in the main meeting area. The training will occur roughly ten minutes after the noon break and last approximately one hour. All are welcome.
Hotel & Lodging info: Dillingham accommodations (PDF 15 kB)

Meeting Summary (PDF 169 kB)


Department Reports

Alaska Wildlife Troopers Comments


Department of Law Comments


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Record Copies (RCs) - Other meeting documents & documents submitted at the meeting

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC004 (PDF 137 kB) Rep. Bryce Edgmon Permit Stacking
RC005 (PDF 25 kB) Michael Stocks Dungeness Crab
RC006 (PDF 271 kB) Roni Carmon Dipnetting Proxy Fishing
RC007 (PDF 936 kB) Joe Klutsch Comments on Proposals
RC008 (PDF 163 kB) Joeseph Faith Opposition to Prop 30
RC009 (PDF 333 kB) Joseph Faith Opposition Proposals 24 25 26 27
RC010 (PDF 655 kB) OSM Comments on Proposals 21 and 36
RC011 (PDF 866 kB) Jessie Larson Dittman Permit Stacking Survey Report
RC012 (PDF 1,376 kB) Jessie Larson Bristol Bay Permit Transfer Data
RC013 (PDF 640 kB) Jessie Larson Proposal 25 and 26 Comments
RC014 (PDF 86 kB) Kim Williams Proposals 18 19 20
RC015 (PDF 190 kB) Dan Dunaway Comments on Proposals
RC016 (PDF 53 kB) Betty Gardiner Subsistence and Permit Stacking
RC017 (PDF 62 kB) Togiak AC Minutes
RC018 (PDF 77 kB) Kenny Wilson 30, 41-43, 46
RC019 (PDF 32 kB) VI Braswell Subsistence schedule
RC020 (PDF 68 kB) Ralph Zimmin Permit stacking, vessel Length
RC021 (PDF 26 kB) Moses Toyukak Permit stacking, vessel length
RC022 (PDF 426 kB) Nushagak AC subcommittee minutes
RC023 (PDF 125 kB) Levelock Village Council prop 28
RC024 (PDF 93 kB) Wassiliisia DeeDee Bennis Prop 18
RC025 (PDF 51 kB) Bart Meyer Setnet permit stacking draft language
RC026 (PDF 31 kB) Dennis Andrews Sr Prop 20
RC027 (PDF 2,704 kB) BBEDC proposals
RC028 (PDF 191 kB) Charles Kopp Prop 35
RC029 (PDF 767 kB) Reid Ten Kley Prop 34 revised coordinates
RC030 (PDF 99 kB) Teil and Ben Smith Props 34 35
RC031 (PDF 38 kB) Agostino Grossi Withdraw Proposal 35
RC032 (PDF 254 kB) Jessie Larson Dittman Permit Stacking Frequencies Addendum
RC033 (PDF 28 kB) Kenneth Nukwak Sr Support Drifting Subsistence
RC034 (PDF 122 kB) Mike Davis WRSHA Permit Stacking and Subsistence
RC035 (PDF 152 kB) BBEDC Gene Sandone Permit Stacking
RC036 (PDF 70 kB) ADF&G For Payton Proposed Language Proposal 19
RC037 (PDF 32 kB) Bruce Marifern Herring
RC038 (PDF 1,381 kB) Patricia Edel Naknek River Rainbow Trout Petition
RC039 (PDF 640 kB) CFEC Permits and earnings estimates in Togiak sac roe herring
RC040 (PDF 720 kB) Catie Bursch Alaska Fisheries Technical Report Number 70
RC041 (PDF 31 kB) Margaret Johnson-Williams Subsistence Schedule and Igushik
RC042 (PDF 68 kB) ADF&G for Payton Amended Proposed Language Proposal 19
RC043 (PDF 688 kB) Robert Heyano Amended Language Proposal 18
RC044 (PDF 50 kB) Kim Rice Proposals 22 27 and 31
RC045 (PDF 25 kB) ADF&G for Payton Guides Operating on Naknek River
RC046 (PDF 111 kB) Janet Armstrong et al Proposal 34 Amended Coordinates
RC047 (PDF 111 kB) ADF&G Boards Public Testimony Log
RC048 (PDF 65 kB) ADF&G for Cain Proposed Language Proposal 19
RC049 (PDF 64 kB) Kvichak Setnetters Association Proposal 32 Amended Language
RC050 (PDF 391 kB) ADF&G Substitute Language Proposal 175
RC051 (PDF 176 kB) ADF&G for Payton Proposed Language Proposal 41
RC052 (PDF 487 kB) Katherine Carscallen Gary Cline Susie Jenkins-Brito Response to RCs 11 12 13 and 32
RC053 (PDF 31 kB) Alexander Tallekpalek for Levelock Village Council Proposal 36
RC054 (PDF 26 kB) ADF&G for Cain Proposed Language Proposal 18
RC055 (PDF 31 kB) ADF&G for Cain Proposed Language Proposal 18
RC056 (PDF 14 kB) Nanci Morris Lyon Withdraw Proposal 51
RC058 (PDF 29 kB) Kenny Wilson Prop 19 Amendment
RC059 (PDF 37 kB) ADF&G for Payton Prop 36 language
RC060 (PDF 20 kB) Lindsey Aspelund Prop 27 language RC25
RC061 (PDF 96 kB) Lindsey Aspelund Prop 27
RC062 (PDF 477 kB) Sue Aspelund Prop 27
RC063 (PDF 92 kB) Frank Woods Comments
RC064 (PDF 429 kB) CFEC Prop 33
RC065 (PDF 59 kB) Mark Smith Prop 30 Amendment
RC066 (PDF 71 kB) Reid Ten Kley Proposal 33 Diagram
RC067 (PDF 35 kB) Alexander Tallekpalek Proposal 36 Substitute Language
RC068 (PDF 99 kB) Scott Raborn Michael Link Jeff Regnart RC 69 Effectiveness of Gillnet Mesh Sizes Nushagak Commercial Sockeye
RC069 (PDF 1,221 kB) Scott Raborn Michael Link BBSRI Effectiveness of Gillnet Mesh Sizes Nushagak Commercial Sockeye
RC070 (PDF 211 kB) ADF&G for Cain Substitute Language Proposal 174
RC071 (PDF 23 kB) ADF&G for Payton Substitute Language Proposal 58
RC072 (PDF 34 kB) Mike Davis Proposal 40 Substitute Language
RC073 (PDF 27 kB) ADF&G for Cain Proposal 32 Substitute Language
RC074 (PDF 32 kB) Katherine Carscallen et al Request Board Findings Vessel Length
RC075 (PDF 29 kB) Reid Ten Kley RC 57 Proposal 34
RC076 (PDF 20 kB) ADF&G for Ruffner Substitute Language Proposal 34
RC077 (PDF 55 kB) Robert Heyano Bristol Bay Herring Managment Plan Suggested Language
RC078 (PDF 16 kB) CFEC Data from Table 2-12 of CFEC Report No. 18-7N
RC079 (PDF 110 kB) Robert Heyano Supplemental Information Proposal 46
RC080 (PDF 197 kB) Michael Link BBSRI Proposals 41 42 43
RC081 (PDF 77 kB) Robert Heyano Misc. Business Request Nushagak River Coho Managment Plan
RC082 (PDF 52 kB) ADF&G for Jensen Substitute Language Proposal 46
RC083 (PDF 70 kB) Frank Woods Comment on RC 77 Bristol Bay Herring Managment Plan
RC084 (PDF 98 kB) ADF&G for Ruffner Nushagak Mulchatna King Salmon Comm Charge
RC085 (PDF 79 kB) ADF&G Boards Charge Statement Committee on Rod and Reel
RC086 (PDF 48 kB) ADF&G Boards Charge Statement Committee on Nushagak King Salmon Mgmt Plan
RC087 (PDF 55 kB) ADF&G Boards Charge Statment Committee on Naknek River Fisheries
RC088 (PDF 53 kB) ADF&G Boards Miscellaneous Business Agenda

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