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Alaska Peninsula/Chignik/Bering Sea-Aleutian Islands Pacific Cod: October 18-19, 2018

Comment due date: Oct. 3, 2018
Location: Anchorage – Egan Center

Meeting Summary (PDF 242 kB)

Meeting Documents

Department Reports

Meeting Proposals

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Record Copies (RCs) - Other meeting documents & documents submitted at the meeting

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC004 (PDF 89 kB) NSRAA Emergency Petition Crawfish Regulation
RC005 (PDF 435 kB) Julie Bonney Aleutian Island Bering Sea Pcod proposal comment
RC006 (PDF 255 kB) Adak Community Development Corp Comments on Aleutian Pcod
RC007 (PDF 1,447 kB) Gerry Davis Western AK CDQ info
RC008 (PDF 119 kB) Adam Lalich Prop 11 comments
RC009 (PDF 94 kB) Gerry Merrigan Prop 12-14 comments
RC010 (PDF 3,032 kB) Freezer Longline Coalition Oral Testimony
RC011 (PDF 45 kB) Jerri Harden Prop 12-14 impact analysis
RC012 (PDF 80 kB) BOF Payton Subs Lang Prop 10 12-14
RC013 (PDF 575 kB) Under 60 Cod Harvesters NMFS Cod TAC Tables
RC014 (PDF 384 kB) United Catcher Boats Proposal Comments
RC015 (PDF 82 kB) Mike Spokas Proposal comments
RC016 (PDF 4,387 kB) NPFMC BS-AI Pcod Assessment Report
RC017 (PDF 3,347 kB) NOAA Pcod Catch Data 2011-2018
RC018 (PDF 93 kB) NOAA BS-AI Pcod Reallocations in Metric tons table
RC019 (PDF 1,177 kB) Dustan Dickerson Case for a New Sector
RC020 (PDF 101 kB) Public Testimony List
RC021 (PDF 172 kB) John and Mary Boggs Oppose Prop 12-14
RC022 (PDF 151 kB) BOF Ruffner Subs Lang Prop 11
RC023 (PDF 142 kB) Gerry Merrigan Hypreaggregation fish and fisheries
RC024 (PDF 20 kB) David Fraser Withdraw Prop 5
RC025 (PDF 73 kB) Under Sixty Cod Harvest Prop 6 Suggestion
RC026 (PDF 64 kB) Christopher Allinson Subs Lang Prop 7
RC027 (PDF 512 kB) Under 60 Cod Harvesters Distribution of Pcod Trawl 2016-2017
RC028 (PDF 183 kB) Under 60 Cod Harvesters NOAA Vessel Registration over 60
RC029 (PDF 783 kB) Under 60 Cod Harvesters CFEC Statewide Otter Trawl 2018
RC030 (PDF 123 kB) BOF Cain Subs Lang Prop 2-4
RC031 (PDF 185 kB) Chad See Requested by Johnson Subs Lang Prop 12-14
RC032 (PDF 642 kB) Angel Drobnica Request Johnson Subs Lang Prop 12-14
RC033 (PDF 195 kB) Matt Robinson BSAI possible species harvest if Pcod TAC reduced
RC034 (PDF 48 kB) Dan Veerhusen Subs Lang Prop 8
RC035 (PDF 113 kB) Amended lang RC 30
RC036 (PDF 60 kB) Craig Lowenberg Crab bycatch data
RC037 (PDF 69 kB) BOF Johnson Subs Lang Prop 12-14
RC038 (PDF 114 kB) Boards Misc Business Agenda
RC039 (PDF 35 kB) ADFG Subs Lang Prop 16

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