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Work Session, Agenda Change Requests, Cycle Organization, and Stocks of Concern – October 18–20, 2016

Comment Deadline: October 4, 2016

Location: Kenai/Soldotna – Soldotna Regional Sports Complex

Meeting Summary:

Meeting Documents:

Department Reports:

Record Copy (RC) — Submitted during the meeting

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC010 (PDF 122 kB) Unalaska Dutch Harbor AC Meeting Request
RC011 (PDF 58 kB) Ekuk Village Request BB Meeting Held in Dillingham
RC012 (PDF 109 kB) United Fishermen of Alaska Title 16
RC013 (PDF 131 kB) Anchorage AC Minutes
RC014 (PDF 34 kB) Traditional Council of Togiak Request Meeting Held in Dillingham
RC015 (PDF 616 kB) ADFG MOU Interagency Fish and Wildlife Management
RC016 (PDF 467 kB) Andy Couch ACR
RC017 (PDF 334 kB) Arni Thomson Alaska Salmon Alliance Southcentral industry
RC018 (PDF 785 kB) ADF&G NPFMC newsletter
RC019 (PDF 79 kB) Terry Nininger Prop 37 Shell Lake
RC020 (PDF 72 kB) Ben Allen Stock of concern & escapement
RC021 (PDF 37 kB) ADF&G Boards Support Election Record
RC022 (PDF 270 kB) Mike Wood Susitna River Sockeye
RC023 (PDF 48 kB) Joanie Nininger Chuitna Mine
RC024 (PDF 117 kB) JK Johnson Testimony
RC025 (PDF 768 kB) Cook Inlet Recreational Fishermen Props 19-27
RC026 (PDF 98 kB) Ninilchik Traditional Council Proposal N
RC027 (PDF 112 kB) Native Village of Eklutna Sustainable salmon
RC028 (PDF 422 kB) Andy Couch Mat Valley AC testimony
RC029 (PDF 73 kB) City of Dillingham 2018 Bristol Bay BOF Meeting
RC030 (PDF 64 kB) Curyong Tribal Council 2018 Bristol Bay BOF Meeting
RC031 (PDF 128 kB) Greg Brush King salmon conservation
RC032 (PDF 90 kB) Talkeetna Community Council Proposal N
RC033 (PDF 102 kB) ADF&G Boards Public Testimony Log
RC034 (PDF 77 kB) Mike Wood Proposal N amendment
RC035 (PDF 138 kB) ADF&G Boards BOF Standing Committees
RC036 (PDF 264 kB) Mark Wackler Kenai & Kasilof King salmon mgmt
RC037 (PDF 61 kB) Clarks Point Village Council 2018 BOF Bristol Bay mtg venue
RC038 (PDF 98 kB) ADF&G Draft Board Gen Proposal Kusokwim River Salmon Mgmt Plan
RC039 (PDF 58 kB) Bob Merchant Proposal 133
RC040 (PDF 43 kB) ADF&G Bering Sea Tanner BGP
RC041 (PDF 82 kB) ADF&G Misc Business Agenda
RC042 (PDF 61 kB) ADF&G Jeffrey Horsepower BGP
RC043 (PDF 203 kB) ADF&G Chart of Lower Kenai
RC044 (PDF 165 kB) Chair Jensen Draft letter to CFEC
RC045 (PDF 52 kB) ADF&G Boards RC Log

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