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Work Session: Agenda Change Requests, Cycle Organization, Stocks of Concern: October 17-19, 2017

Comment due date: October 3, 2017
Location: Anchorage – Egan Center

Meeting Summary (PDF 244 kB)

Meeting Documents

Department Reports

Record Copies (RCs) - Other documents & documents submitted at the meeting

RCs 1-8 are from ADF&G and are also listed above.

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC002 (PDF 276 kB) ADF&G Staff Comments
RC003 (PDF 1,649 kB) ADF&G Southeast Stock of Concern Recommendations
RC004 (PDF 1,110 kB) ADF&G Southeast Escapement Goal Review
RC005 (PDF 385 kB) ADF&G PWS Stock of Concern Recs
RC006 (PDF 1,171 kB) ADF&G PWS Escapement Goal Review
RC007 (PDF 521 kB) ADF&G Stocks of Concern Review
RC008 (PDF 151 kB) ADF&G RTC Subsistence Petition Response
RC009 (PDF 57 kB) Ahtna Inc Copper King SEG
RC010 (PDF 1,110 kB) City of Kenai UCI meeting location
RC011 (PDF 143 kB) Emil Christiansen ACR11
RC012 (PDF 261 kB) Fred Stager ACR11
RC013 (PDF 27 kB) Paula Sommer Ruby Subsistence Proposal
RC014 (PDF 1,721 kB) Shawna Rittenhouse et al ACR11
RC015 (PDF 374 kB) Sulua Stager ACR11
RC016 (PDF 832 kB) Wendy Beck ACR11
RC017 (PDF 2,295 kB) ADF&G SF Regulatory Simplicity Presentation
RC018 (PDF 2,773 kB) ADF&G KMA Sockeye Genetics Study
RC019 (PDF 5,050 kB) Escapement Goals Oral Report
RC020 (PDF 309 kB) ADF&G Stock of Concern Review Oral Report
RC021 (PDF 418 kB) City of Soldotna Meeting location
RC022 (PDF 153 kB) Donna Rhodes ACR11
RC023 (PDF 108 kB) ADF&G ACR11 data request
RC024 (PDF 483 kB) Native Village of Belkofski ACR12
RC025 (PDF 128 kB) Kenai Peninsula Borough Resolution
RC026 (PDF 878 kB) Central Peninsula AC 10-3-2017 minutes
RC027 (PDF 1,568 kB) MatSu Borough UCI BOF meeting location
RC028 (PDF 662 kB) MatSu Borough ACR 11 comment
RC029 (PDF 491 kB) Homer AC ACR 11 comments
RC030 (PDF 262 kB) Kodiak AC ACR11
RC031 (PDF 636 kB) Lake and Peninsula Borough ACR 12 comment
RC032 (PDF 68 kB) Unalaska AC ACR2 Comments
RC033 (PDF 7,749 kB) AWT Value of Troopers
RC034 (PDF 1,380 kB) Jeff Stephan for Aaron Nevin ACR 11 comment
RC035 (PDF 1,362 kB) Member Morisky ACR 1 comment
RC036 (PDF 593 kB) Glen Alsworth, Sr Lake and Peninsula Borough Kodiak Meeting Location
RC037 (PDF 338 kB) UCIDA ACR 11 Clarification
RC038 (PDF 81 kB) ADF&G Revised Misc Business Agenda
RC039 (PDF 146 kB) ADF&G Revised Agenda
RC040 (PDF 38 kB) ADF&G SE Dungeness Board Generated Proposal
RC041 (PDF 37 kB) ADF&G SE King Crab Board Genereated Proposal
RC042 (PDF 38 kB) ADF&G Herring Board Generated Proposal
RC043 (PDF 703 kB) USAG via Jensen HQ-F17-075
RC044 (PDF 2,438 kB) USAG SE AK Enhanced Salmon Allocation 20 Year Retrospective
RC045 (PDF 746 kB) Jensen BOF SE AK Salmon Allocation Workgroup Charge
RC046 (PDF 1,954 kB) NPFMC October 2017 Newsletter
RC047 (PDF 341 kB) AK Trollers Assn SE AK Seiners Salmon Enhancement Task Force
RC048 (PDF 720 kB) Kodiak Salmon Workgroup Active Kodiak Seine Permits
RC049 (PDF 656 kB) Kodiak Salmon Workgroup Conservation Burden
RC050 (PDF 650 kB) Kodiak Salmon Workgroup Economic Comparison
RC051 (PDF 357 kB) Bruce Schactler ACR 11 oppose
RC052 (PDF 443 kB) Mayor Pat Hanson Kodiak Meeting Location
RC053 (PDF 220 kB) ADF&G RC Index
RC054 (PDF 317 kB) BOF Boards Committee Assignments
RC055 (PDF 47 kB) SEAFA SE Salmon Work Group Comment

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