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Teleconference on emergency petitions: Monday May 14, 2018, 9:00am

Listen-in sites will be available at the Juneau, Anchorage, and Fairbanks ADF&G offices (see Notice below), and there will be a link here to a live stream of the audio. The teleconference will not be available for call-in.
The Board is not accepting oral testimony or public comments for this meeting.

Meeting Summary (PDF 122 kB)

Meeting Documents

  1. Agenda (PDF 132 kB)
  2. Notice (revised 5/7/2018) (PDF 35 kB)
  3. Board Roster (PDF 126 kB)
  4. Joint Board Petition Policy (PDF 25 kB)
  5. Board of Fisheries Delegation of Authority to the Commissioner Regarding Petitions for Emergency Regulations (2015-277-FB) (PDF 197 kB)
  6. Subsistence Proposal Policy (PDF 71 kB)
  7. Personal Use Intent & Application Regulations (PDF 74 kB)

  8. Mt. Yenlo Advisory Committee Emergency Petition re: Yentna subsistence fishery (PDF 117 kB)
    1. ADF&G 2011 Overview Tyonek Subsistence Salmon Fisheries (PDF 4,531 kB)
    2. ADF&G Subsistence CT Worksheet Yentna king salmon (PDF 2,454 kB)
    3. ADF&G per Payton Yentna map (PDF 121 kB)
    4. ADF&G Yentna subsistence permit (PDF 378 kB)
    5. ADF&G per Payton Yentna harvest 1998-2017 (PDF 84 kB)
    6. ADF&G per Payton Yentna salmon distribution (PDF 198 kB)
    7. ADF&G per Payton Yentna salmon abundance (PDF 91 kB)
    8. ADF&G per Payton Stock composition (PDF 162 kB)
    9. ADF&G per Payton Sport fish survey Catch and Release Mortality data (PDF 430 kB)
    10. Dept. of Law Comments (PDF 992 kB)
    11. Mt. Yenlo maps (PDF 301 kB)
    12. Possible regulatory language
      1. Option 1 - subsistence (PDF 14 kB)
      2. Option 2 - personal use (PDF 36 kB)
      3. Option 3 - sport (PDF 12 kB)
    13. Draft Emergency Regulation Finding (PDF 20 kB)

  9. Tyonek Advisory Committee Emergency Petition re: Northern District commerical fishery (PDF 1,050 kB)
    1. ADF&G Tyonek Petition Response (PDF 162 kB)
    2. Tyonek Petition Map (PDF 68 kB)
    3. ADF&G Genetic Stock Composition of Chinook Salmon Harvested in Northern Cook Inlet Marine Commercial and Subsistence Fisheries, 2014–2016 (PDF 6,623 kB)

  10. KRSA Emergency Petition re: Hatcheries (PDF 429 kB)
    1. ADF&G KRSA Petition Response (PDF 205 kB)

Meeting Audio

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