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Tsiu/Tsivat Rivers Closed Waters and Miscellaneous: Tuesday, April 24, 2018, 11:00am

Comment due date: April 10
Location: Anchorage – Egan Center

Meeting Summary (PDF 125 kB)

Meeting Documents

Department Reports

Meeting Proposals

New: Tsiu/Tsivat Proposal 242 and Miscellaneous View PDF of all proposals for New: Tsiu/Tsivat Proposal 242 and Miscellaneous | Hide Category New: Tsiu/Tsivat Proposal 242 and Miscellaneous

Record Copies (RCs) - Other meeting documents & documents submitted at the meeting

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC004 (PDF 156 kB) ADFG Emergency petition memo
RC005 (PDF 599 kB) Willie Fisher Emergency petition comments
RC006 (PDF 238 kB) Mat Valley AC Minutes of March 28 2018
RC007 (PDF 170 kB) Mt Yenlo AC Minutes of March 20 2018
RC008 (PDF 30 kB) duplicate
RC009 (PDF 4,531 kB) ADFG 2011 Overview Tyonek Subsistence Salmon Fisheries
RC010 (PDF 2,454 kB) ADFG Subsistence CT Worksheet Yentna king salmon
RC011 (PDF 121 kB) ADFG per Payton Yentna map
RC012 (PDF 378 kB) ADFG Yentna subsistence permit
RC013 (PDF 84 kB) ADFG per Payton Yentna harvest 1998-2017
RC014 (PDF 198 kB) ADFG per Payton Yentna salmon distribution
RC015 (PDF 91 kB) ADFG per Payton Yentna salmon abundance
RC016 (PDF 162 kB) ADFG per Payton Stock composition
RC017 (PDF 115 kB) Charles Allen Tsiu
RC018 (PDF 590 kB) Dan Ernhart Fake News
RC019 (PDF 519 kB) Dan Ernhart Tsiu Markers 2016
RC020 (PDF 408 kB) Dan Ernhart 1970 to 2017 Harvest Permit Information
RC021 (PDF 249 kB) Dan Ernhart Lodge Owner Support to Move Marker
RC022 (PDF 1,050 kB) Tyonek AC Emergency Petition
RC023 (PDF 900 kB) Tyonek AC Minutes of April 23 2018
RC024 (PDF 430 kB) ADFG Payton Sport fish survey 10 Percent Catch and Release Mortality data
RC025 (PDF 616 kB) USFWS Response to BOF Zinke letter
RC026 (PDF 992 kB) DOL Comments on Proposals
RC027 (PDF 381 kB) NPFMC Call for Nominations
RC028 (PDF 471 kB) AOC Mt Yenlo Petition Comments
RC029 (PDF 107 kB) ADFG Boards Public Testimony List
RC030 (PDF 246 kB) ADFG Sub language 242
RC031 (PDF 97 kB) ADFG Misc Business Agenda
RC032 (PDF 91 kB) ADFG Boards RC Log

Meeting Audio

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