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Statewide Dungeness Crab, Shrimp, Misc. Shellfish (except Southeast and Yakutat) and Supplemental Issues – March 17–20, 2015

Comment Deadline: March 3, 2015

Location: Anchorage – Sheraton Hotel

Meeting Summary:

Meeting Documents:


Department Reports:

Record Copy (RC) — Submitted during the meeting

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC004 (PDF 335 kB) Selected Regulations for Statewide Meeting
RC005 (PDF 2,523 kB) Escapement Goal for Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon
RC006 (PDF 199 kB) Bristol Bay Advisory Panel Letter
RC007 (PDF 29 kB) Letter from Unalaska Dutch Harbor Fish and Game Advisory Committee
RC008 (PDF 127 kB) United Chignik Salmon Fishermen Pollock Fishery
RC009 (PDF 130 kB) ADFG Sub Lang Prop 261 262
RC010 (PDF 84 kB) ADFG Consent Rotenone
RC011 (PDF 320 kB) Pike Eradication Otter Lake
RC012 (PDF 128 kB) ADFG Northon Sound Red King Crab Harvest
RC013 (PDF 178 kB) BB Sockeye Escapement Goals
RC014 (PDF 17 kB) Minto Nenana AC Letter
RC015 (PDF 89 kB) Darius Kasprzak prop 44
RC016 (PDF 19 kB) Gordon Scott Props 246 247 248 250 251 253 255 256
RC017 (PDF 81 kB) Gordon Scott Props 245
RC018 (PDF 25 kB) Gordon Scott Props 249 245
RC019 (PDF 229 kB) Gordon Scott Whiitier AC
RC020 (PDF 63 kB) Dena Bryant Records Request
RC021 (PDF 45 kB) Patrick Johnson PWS Shellfish
RC022 (PDF 122 kB) Joseph Person Distribution of Harvest PWS Shrimp
RC023 (PDF 70 kB) Sara Barrowcliffs Letters Support PWS Commercial Shrimp
RC024 (PDF 30 kB) Robert Briscoe Jr Proposal 276
RC025 (PDF 40 kB) Kenai Soldotna AC Recommendations
RC026 (PDF 72 kB) Brett Wilbanks Proposal 248
RC027 (PDF 69 kB) Seth Rockwell response to select proposals
RC028 (PDF 41 kB) Beaver Nelson Props 276 44 260
RC029 (PDF 168 kB) Chignik AC Minutes March 13
RC030 (PDF 81 kB) Chignik AC Minutes March 10 2015
RC031 (PDF 6,272 kB) SOKI Emergency Petition
RC032 (PDF 84 kB) ADFG Sub Lang Prop 277
RC033 (PDF 54 kB) Robert Heyano Emergency Petition
RC034 (PDF 244 kB) Mike Crawford Comments on Proposals
RC035 (PDF 59 kB) ADFG Bristol Bay Escapement Goal Sumary Study
RC036 (PDF 252 kB) Dillingham Map on behalf of Member Kluberton
RC037 (PDF 115 kB) Chignik AC Comments Jacob Shangin
RC038 (PDF 205 kB) Boards Support Public Testimony List
RC039 (PDF 299 kB) Ryan Kapp 58ft Law Fleet Capacity
RC040 (PDF 81 kB) ADFG Withdraw Support Prop 238
RC041 (PDF 366 kB) Stoney Holitna AC Prop 278
RC042 (PDF 120 kB) ADFG Prop 237 Substitute Language
RC043 (PDF 31 kB) Douglas Chaney Prop 276
RC044 (PDF 111 kB) Augustino Grossi Prop 275
RC045 (PDF 29 kB) Harlan Bailey Prop 275
RC046 (PDF 29 kB) Harlan Bailey Prop 275
RC047 (PDF 215 kB) Mid Lower Yukon AC Minutes 12 18 14
RC048 (PDF 158 kB) Dan Patterson Prop 276
RC049 (PDF 148 kB) Ray Wadsworth 58 Limit Length
RC050 (PDF 232 kB) Coastal Lower Yukon AC Minutes 1 20 15
RC051 (PDF 62 kB) Unalaksa AC minutes 2 28 15
RC052 (PDF 88 kB) Dan Patterson US Navy Type Stockless Anchor
RC053 (PDF 47 kB) Ray Wadsworth Define Anchor Roller
RC054 (PDF 32 kB) Paul Shadura Emergency Petition Summary of requested changes
RC058 (PDF 20 kB) Yukon Flats AC minutes 3 19 15
RC059 (PDF 142 kB) Boards Support Misc Business Agenda
RC060 (PDF 21 kB) ADFG Commercial Fisheries Substitute Prop 271
RC061 (PDF 28 kB) ADFG Commercial Fisheries Substitute Prop 273
RC062 (PDF 35 kB) ADFG Commercial Fisheries Substitute Prop 274
RC063 (PDF 60 kB) Substitute Language Prop 275
RC064 (PDF 18 kB) ADFG Subsititute Language Prop 276
RC065 (PDF 31 kB) Curtis Armstrong Comments Prop 275
RC066 (PDF 94 kB) ADFG Delegation of Authority to Repeal and Amend Certain Personal Use Fisheries Regulations
RC067 (PDF 41 kB) ADFG Delegation of Authority to Adopt Regulations for Amphibiians
RC068 (PDF 78 kB) ADFG Standing Delegation of Authority Regarding Petitions for Emergency Regulations

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