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Statewide King and Tanner Crab (except Southeast / Yakutat) and Supplemental Issues – March 17-21, 2014

Comment Deadline: March 3, 2014

Location: Anchorage – Sheraton Anchorage

Meeting Summary:

Meeting Documents:

Department Reports:

Record Copy (RC) — Submitted during the meeting

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC004 (PDF 161 kB) Selected King and Tanner Crab Regulations
RC005 (PDF 1,428 kB) Joint Lower Yukon AC Minutes
RC006 (PDF 428 kB) Bethel Advisory Committee Minutes
RC007 (PDF 1,367 kB) Victoria Briggs Comment on Proposal 375
RC008 (PDF 204 kB) Bob Martin Petersburg AC Letter
RC009 (PDF 102 kB) Joan Nininger Comment UCI Meeting
RC010 (PDF 183 kB) Western Interior RAC Letter Regarding Chinook
RC011 (PDF 116 kB) Terry Nininger Letter on UCI Meeting
RC012 (PDF 281 kB) Southeast Alaska Fishermens Alliance Letter
RC013 (PDF 1,267 kB) USFWS Comments to BOF
RC014 (PDF 172 kB) UFA Letter Supporting Proposal 370
RC015 (PDF 294 kB) Charlie Lean Comments to BOF
RC016 (PDF 539 kB) KSMWG Dip Net Petition
RC017 (PDF 477 kB) ADF&G Response to Dip Net Petition
RC018 (PDF 538 kB) KSMWG Petition to Limit Gillnet Length
RC019 (PDF 441 kB) ADF&G Response to Gillnet Petition
RC020 (PDF 541 kB) Bering Sea Aleutian Is Crab Observer Oversight
RC021 (PDF 448 kB) Joel Dutton Opposition to 375
RC022 (PDF 985 kB) Roland Briggs Comments for 375
RC023 (PDF 148 kB) Victoria Briggs LBBAC Minutes Error
RC024 (PDF 362 kB) Victoria Briggs Comments on 375
RC025 (PDF 87 kB) Mayor Larry VilBiss Letter to BOF
RC026 (PDF 447 kB) Linda Kozak Golden King Crab Coalition
RC027 (PDF 174 kB) NSEDC Comments on 346
RC028 (PDF 121 kB) Dick Tremaine Golden King Crab Fishery
RC029 (PDF 343 kB) F V Alaska Trojan CPUE
RC030 (PDF 274 kB) NSEDC Photos for Proposal 344
RC031 (PDF 136 kB) AK Longline Fishermen's Assoc Comments
RC032 (PDF 268 kB) Doug Karlberg Comments on 377
RC033 (PDF 530 kB) Roland Briggs Proposal 375
RC034 (PDF 88 kB) ADFG Proposal 358 Substitute Language
RC035 (PDF 62 kB) NSEDC Language for 346
RC036 (PDF 1,216 kB) Member Kluberton Prop 375
RC037 (PDF 220 kB) Dick Tremaine Comments on Pot Survey
RC038 (PDF 131 kB) Elizabeth Courtney Comments on 375
RC039 (PDF 83 kB) Kodiak AC Proposal 337
RC040 (PDF 87 kB) Kodiak AC Proposal 341
RC041 (PDF 100 kB) ADFG Public Testimony List
RC042 (PDF 70 kB) ABSC Comments on 362
RC043 (PDF 98 kB) Frank Woods New Information 374
RC043 (PDF 172 kB) Frank Woods Proposal 374
RC044 (PDF 196 kB) ADFG Committee B Summary
RC045 (PDF 89 kB) Substitute Language Proposal 362
RC046 (PDF 165 kB) Member Johnstone Map of Nushagak
RC047 (PDF 67 kB) Committee A Report
RC048 (PDF 134 kB) Joe Hanes Comments on Tanner Crab
RC049 (PDF 122 kB) Member Huntington Proposal 371 Substitute Language
RC050 (PDF 132 kB) Victoria Briggs Prop 375
RC051 (PDF 635 kB) Member Jensen Prop 375
RC052 (PDF 143 kB) Jensen Proposal 344 Substitute Language
RC053 (PDF 82 kB) Jensen Proposal 345 Substitute Language
RC054 (PDF 88 kB) Jensen Proposal 346 Substitute Language
RC055 (PDF 323 kB) John Renner PWS Tanner Crab
RC056 (PDF 1,292 kB) Roland Briggs Proposal 375
RC057 (PDF 474 kB) Roland Briggs Proposal 375
RC058 (PDF 1,044 kB) Joe Hanes Justification of RC48
RC059 (PDF 269 kB) ACDC Withdraw Proposal 353
RC060 (PDF 328 kB) Group Substitute Language Proposal 375
RC061 (PDF 705 kB) John Lamont Proposal 371
RC062 (PDF 84 kB) Substitute Language Proposal 349
RC063 (PDF 83 kB) Substitute Language Proposal 354
RC064 (PDF 118 kB) Substitute Language Proposal 359
RC065 (PDF 118 kB) Substitute Language Proposal 375 Johnson
RC066 (PDF 349 kB) ADFG Response BOF Petition KSWG Dip Net
RC067 (PDF 348 kB) ADFG Response Petition KSWG Gear Length
RC068 (PDF 1,760 kB) KPFA Emergency Petition
RC069 (PDF 1,210 kB) SOKI Emergency Petition
RC070 (PDF 461 kB) SOKI Emergency Petition
RC071 (PDF 84 kB) Proposal 336 Substitute Language Morisky
RC072 (PDF 83 kB) Johnstone Proposal 352 Substitute Language
RC073 (PDF 407 kB) Walleye Pollock Working Group
RC074 (PDF 231 kB) Misc Business Agenda Statewide March 2014
RC075 (PDF 342 kB) KPFA regarding RC 68

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