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Statewide Finfish: March 9-12, 2019

Comment due date: Feb. 20, 2019
Location: Anchorage – Sheraton Hotel

Meeting Summary (PDF 142 kB)

Meeting Documents

Department Reports

Department of Law Comments (PDF 51 kB)


Meeting Proposals

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Record Copies (RCs) - Other meeting documents & documents submitted at the meeting

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC004 (PDF 2,501 kB) Yakutat Tlingit Tribe Emergency Petition
RC005 (PDF 227 kB) Cooper Landing AC minutes
RC006 (PDF 62 kB) Chris Worley General comments
RC007 (PDF 195 kB) PWS Valdez AC meeting minutes November 21 2018
RC008 (PDF 64 kB) Hannah Heimbuch Opposition Prop 171
RC009 (PDF 56 kB) Under Sixty Cod Harvesters Opposition Prop 171
RC010 (PDF 153 kB) Kodiak Aleutian RAC Comments Props 161 and 162
RC011 (PDF 498 kB) OSM Recommendations Prop 166
RC012 (PDF 57 kB) Greg Johnson Comments Prop 181
RC013 (PDF 222 kB) Public Safety Comments for Props 163 164 166 168
RC014 (PDF 268 kB) ADF&G Yakutat Tlingit Tribe Petition Response
RC015 (PDF 395 kB) Native Peoples Action Religious Ceremonial King Salmon Use
RC016 (PDF 73 kB) Georgeanna Heaverley Public Testimony Prop 171
RC017 (PDF 336 kB) Indigenizing Salmon Management Finding on King Salmon Use
RC018 (PDF 433 kB) AVCP Finding on King Salmon Use
RC019 (PDF 74 kB) The Alaska Center Finding on King Salmon Use
RC020 (PDF 420 kB) North Pacific Fisheries Association Comments Prop 171
RC021 (PDF 87 kB) John Hilsinger Golden King Crab
RC022 (PDF 54 kB) Nancy Hillstrand Comments Props 166 168 169 170
RC023 (PDF 1,984 kB) Gary Hollier Comments Prop 181
RC024 (PDF 170 kB) Adak Community Development Corporation Comments Prop. 180
RC025 (PDF 146 kB) YRITFC Finding on King Salmon Use
RC026 (PDF 336 kB) Golden Harvest Alaska Seafood Comments on Prop 180
RC027 (PDF 178 kB) ADF&G for Ruffner Sub Language Prop 179
RC028 (PDF 398 kB) Member Jensen Crab Management
RC029 (PDF 44 kB) ADF&G Public Testimony Log
RC030 (PDF 24 kB) ADF&G for Jensen Sub Language Prop 168
RC031 (PDF 41 kB) ADF&G for Payton Sub Language Prop 166
RC032 (PDF 38 kB) ADF&G National Standard 1 Guidelines
RC033 (PDF 51 kB) ADF&G for Jensen Sub Language 180
RC034 (PDF 68 kB) Sue Jeffrey Comments Prop 171
RC035 (PDF 435 kB) Paul Shadura Information for Prop 181
RC036 (PDF 370 kB) ADF&G for Morisky and Ruffner Finding Ceremonial Religious King Salmon Use
RC037 (PDF 40 kB) ADF&G for Payton Amended Sub. Language Prop. 166
RC038 (PDF 31 kB) ADF&G for Jensen Amended Sub. Language Prop. 168
RC039 (PDF 31 kB) ADF&G for Payton Sub Language Prop 163
RC040 (PDF 130 kB) ADF&G for Ruffner Sub Language Prop 182
RC041 (PDF 105 kB) ADF&G Delegation of Authority Electronic Format
RC042 (PDF 22 kB) ADF&G for Cain Definition of Ecotourism Prop 173
RC043 (PDF 22 kB) Member Johnson Sub Language Prop 182
RC044 (PDF 64 kB) ADF&G Boards Support Miscellaneous Business Agenda
RC045 (PDF 119 kB) DOL Comments Emergency Petition Yakutat Subsistence Salmon
RC046 (PDF 164 kB) ADF&G Boards Statewide RC Log

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