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Alaska Peninsula / Aleutian Island / Chignik Finfish – February 23–February 29, 2016

Comment Deadline: February 8, 2016

Location: Anchorage – Sheraton Hotel

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Meeting Proposals

Alaska Peninsula / Aleutian Islands / Chignik Finfish View PDF of all proposals for Alaska Peninsula / Aleutian Islands / Chignik Finfish | Hide Category Alaska Peninsula / Aleutian Islands / Chignik Finfish

Record Copy (RC) — Submitted during the meeting

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC004 (PDF 265 kB) Selected Alaska Peninsula Aleutian Island Area Chignik Area Mgmt Plans
RC005 (PDF 9 kB) Ed Dersham Dolgoi June Harvest Rates
RC006 (PDF 83 kB) Melvin Larsen Southcentral District Map
RC007 (PDF 85 kB) Melvin Larsen Black Lake Reporting Stock
RC008 (PDF 86 kB) Melvin Larsen Chignik Reporting Stock
RC009 (PDF 44 kB) Victor Seybert Emergency Proposal Cinder River
RC010 (PDF 311 kB) Jason Perrego Possesion Of Live Fish Or Eggs
RC011 (PDF 73 kB) Pat Martin CAMF Median Harvest Rates North Pen and Bristol Bay
RC012 (PDF 20 kB) Hattie Albecker Support Of Proposal 155
RC013 (PDF 27 kB) ADFG Boards Memorandum Proposals 184 and 190
RC014 (PDF 71 kB) Ernie Weiss Aleutians East Natural Resources AK Pen Salmon
RC015 (PDF 15 kB) Nancy Dushkin Oppose Prop 185 and 186
RC016 (PDF 12 kB) Richard Clark Support Prop 155 Oppose Prop149
RC017 (PDF 17 kB) Paul Hansen Support Of Prop 155 Oppose Prop 149
RC018 (PDF 142 kB) Fred Turkeimer Photographs
RC019 (PDF 12 kB) Mark Edminster Fall 2015 Sockeye
RC020 (PDF 67 kB) Tom Bentman CAMF Estimated Gain to Ugashik Area Harvest
RC021 (PDF 25 kB) Alannah Hurley Draft Criteria Coastal Erosion Props
RC022 (PDF 15 kB) Dan Dunnaway Nushagak AC Minutes Clarification
RC023 (PDF 148 kB) Mori Jones Propsoals 173 and 175
RC024 (PDF 165 kB) Timothy Wanhola Jr Proposals 155 159 145 and 182
RC025 (PDF 20 kB) Jimmy Coopchiak Proposals 182 183 and 155
RC026 (PDF 598 kB) Gary Klein Summary of Stock Comp OPH Section
RC027 (PDF 3,825 kB) Gene Sandone Analysis of University of Washington Stock Comp Study
RC028 (PDF 406 kB) BBEDC Transcript 2007 BOF
RC029 (PDF 131 kB) Randy Cheshire North Pen OPH Chart
RC030 (PDF 75 kB) Liza Mack Testimony
RC031 (PDF 35 kB) Bruce Barrett Dolgoi Harvest of Chignik Bound Sockeye
RC032 (PDF 91 kB) Bruce Barrett Dolgoi Area 10 Year Sockeye Catch Averages
RC033 (PDF 65 kB) Jacob Shangin Chignik AC Minutes February 16 2016
RC034 (PDF 261 kB) Walter Tellman Dutch Harbor Support Proposal 194
RC035 (PDF 15 kB) Moses Toyukak Support 155 22 23 24 Oppose 182 183
RC036 (PDF 27 kB) Joe Hinton Caribou Flats Section Map
RC037 (PDF 151 kB) Tom Wooding CAMF Stock Comp and Harvest Rates South Illnic
RC038 (PDF 198 kB) Charlie Cetak North Peninsula Stats
RC039 (PDF 28 kB) Virgil Porter South Peninsula Proposals
RC040 (PDF 447 kB) Jared Danielson SUSI June Fishery
RC041 (PDF 36 kB) Bruce Barrett Estimated 2016 Harvest of Chignik Bound Sockeye
RC042 (PDF 221 kB) Tyler Wooding Ugashik Run and OPH Catch
RC043 (PDF 238 kB) Mike Wooding Proposal 193
RC044 (PDF 16 kB) Moses Kritz Proposals 155 159 22 23
RC045 (PDF 112 kB) Brad Barr Sockeye Salmon Migrations
RC046 (PDF 231 kB) Tom Murtha Nelson Lagoon Harvest Rates
RC047 (PDF 213 kB) Richard Walsh CAMF Proposal 158
RC048 (PDF 43 kB) Mike Stanley North Pen Proposals Mixed Stock Policy
RC049 (PDF 19 kB) Mary West Proposals 22 149 159
RC050 (PDF 184 kB) Chris Wenzel Proposals 22-24
RC051 (PDF 24 kB) Adam Boeckmann Proposals 181-184
RC052 (PDF 15 kB) Northern Norten Sound AC Support of Proposal 184
RC053 (PDF 121 kB) ADFG Chignik Subsistence Salmon Harvest all species
RC054 (PDF 273 kB) ADFG Chignik Subsistence Sockeye Harvests
RC055 (PDF 64 kB) Chignik Lake Map
RC056 (PDF 49 kB) Gary Anderson Dolgoi 1985-2015 June 1-July 25
RC057 (PDF 30 kB) Naknek Kvichak AC Comments
RC058 (PDF 130 kB) Steve Brown Bear River to OPH Sockeye Catch
RC059 (PDF 19 kB) Brian Cato Proposals 22 149 and 159
RC060 (PDF 30 kB) John Christensen Drift Fishermen From Port Heiden
RC061 (PDF 19 kB) Art Winowsky Proposals 155 22 23 and 149
RC062 (PDF 21 kB) Ralph Zimin Proposals 159 and 182
RC063 (PDF 23 kB) Melvin Larsen Comments on Proposals
RC064 (PDF 175 kB) Brent Paine Comments on Proposal 194
RC065 (PDF 67 kB) George Anderson Comments on Proposal 180
RC066 (PDF 119 kB) Yakov Reutov OPH Fishable Area
RC067 (PDF 25 kB) Ben Allen Fishery Management Report 11-33
RC068 (PDF 116 kB) Ben Allen Dolgoi Area Statistics
RC069 (PDF 139 kB) Tom Tilden Testimony
RC070 (PDF 79 kB) Mark Kosbruk Testimony
RC071 (PDF 510 kB) Bruce Hendrickson South Unimak Drift
RC072 (PDF 27 kB) Angel Drobnica Proposal 198 Ammendments
RC073 (PDF 23 kB) Patrick Brown Testimony
RC074 (PDF 10 kB) Mitch Seybert Prop 158 Amendment
RC075 (PDF 13 kB) Mitch Seybert Prop 157 Clarification
RC076 (PDF 17 kB) Mariano Floresta Testimony OPH
RC077 (PDF 16 kB) Mark Kosbruk Props 22 and 23
RC078 (PDF 32 kB) Adrianne Christensen Testimony
RC079 (PDF 16 kB) Moses Kritz Replacement of rc44
RC080 (PDF 136 kB) Dan Dunnaway 2007 Proposal 210
RC081 (PDF 283 kB) Gene Sandone Proposal 155
RC082 (PDF 289 kB) Dan Dunnaway Proposal 155
RC083 (PDF 133 kB) Gary Cline Proposal 155
RC084 (PDF 140 kB) Norm Van Vactor Proposal 155
RC085 (PDF 34 kB) Gusty Wassily Jr. Testimony
RC086 (PDF 81 kB) Henry Mack Testimony
RC087 (PDF 44 kB) Ernie Weiss Dolgoi Harvest Statistics
RC088 (PDF 31 kB) Henry Mack Chignik Sockeye Escapment and Harvest
RC089 (PDF 46 kB) Ben Allen Dolgoi Area Days Fished By Gear Type
RC090 (PDF 58 kB) Ron Tavis Testimony
RC091 (PDF 80 kB) Jacob Shangin Chignik AC Testimony
RC092 (PDF 17 kB) Craig Rysewik Testimony
RC093 (PDF 30 kB) Chuck McCallum Public Testimony
RC094 (PDF 93 kB) Henry Mack Chignik Sockeye Escapment and Harvest
RC095 (PDF 45 kB) ADFG Boards Draft Policy On Proposal Review Process
RC096 (PDF 42 kB) Bruce Barrett Chignik Pink and Chum Management
RC097 (PDF 18 kB) Axel Kopun Dolgoi Area
RC098 (PDF 90 kB) Nadine Kochuten Testimony
RC099 (PDF 26 kB) Bruce Hendrickson Testimony
RC100 (PDF 430 kB) Bruce Hendrickson South Unimak Chum Harvests
RC101 (PDF 253 kB) Boards Support Public Testimony List
RC102 (PDF 131 kB) ADFG BB Sockeye Salmon Escapement Info
RC103 (PDF 119 kB) Walter Tellman Proposal 194
RC104 (PDF 96 kB) Qawalangin Tribe of Unalaska Proposal 194
RC105 (PDF 16 kB) ADFG for Johnson Substitute Language Proposal 172
RC106 (PDF 228 kB) Chuck McCallum Harvest Rates Chignik Sockeye
RC107 (PDF 33 kB) Chignik AC Sub Committee 2-23-2016 Minutes
RC108 (PDF 109 kB) William Dushkin Sr Proposals 167-168
RC109 (PDF 119 kB) Naknek Kvichak AC 2-10-16 Meeting Minutes
RC110 (PDF 19 kB) ADFG for Jeffery Substitute Language for Proposal 200
RC111 (PDF 43 kB) Pat Springer Nelson Lagoon Sockeye Run
RC112 (PDF 51 kB) Non Local Sockeye Harvest
RC113 (PDF 75 kB) Henry Mack RC 86 Ammended
RC114 (PDF 109 kB) Brad Barr Port Heiden and Meshik Subsistence
RC115 (PDF 161 kB) Brad Barr Availability of Salmon For Subsistence
RC116 (PDF 43 kB) Ben Allen Ammendment to RC 89
RC117 (PDF 27 kB) ADFG Requested by BOF Substitute Language for Proposal 197
RC118 (PDF 52 kB) Frank Woods Testimony
RC119 (PDF 45 kB) Paul Gunderson and Steve Brown Joint Statement
RC120 (PDF 22 kB) ADFG Boards Statement on RC 119
RC121 (PDF 14 kB) Raechel Allen and Bruce Barrett Harvest Rate Dolgoi Island
RC122 (PDF 98 kB) Ernie Weiss SP 12-22
RC123 (PDF 59 kB) Paul Gronholdt South Alaska Management Report
RC124 (PDF 9 kB) Theo Chesley RC 119 Further Information
RC125 (PDF 78 kB) Charles Swanton ADFG Response to BBEDC
RC126 (PDF 26 kB) Bruce Barrett Prop 186
RC127 (PDF 24 kB) Anderson Allen and Shangin Prop 186
RC128 (PDF 94 kB) Fairbanks AC June Fishery Harvests
RC129 (PDF 20 kB) Bruce Barrett Prop 186
RC130 (PDF 105 kB) Patrick Brown 2015 Harvest Projections
RC131 (PDF 49 kB) Chuck McCallum Prop 186
RC132 (PDF 38 kB) ADFG 2016-283-FB
RC133 (PDF 121 kB) Jamie Ross South Pen Wassip Data
RC134 (PDF 32 kB) Robert Heyano and Jamie Ross 1990 Area M Area T Compromise
RC135 (PDF 30 kB) BBEDC Permit Info and Values
RC136 (PDF 10 kB) Brian Hartman Withdraw Proposals 148 and 165
RC137 (PDF 58 kB) ADFG for Kluberton Subsistence Permit Data 2013
RC138 (PDF 26 kB) Ben Allen Proposal 186 33 Percent Reduction
RC139 (PDF 72 kB) Edgar Shangin Proposal 185
RC140 (PDF 27 kB) Ben Allen 33 Percent Reduction
RC141 (PDF 14 kB) Bruce Barrett Replacement and Correction for RC 121
RC142 (PDF 47 kB) BBEDC Sockeye Salmon Peninsula Management
RC143 (PDF 75 kB) Pat Martin Supporting Information RC 011
RC144 (PDF 10 kB) Joe Hinton Proposal 166 Withdrawl
RC145 (PDF 20 kB) Mitch Seybert Mixed Stock Policy OPH
RC146 (PDF 23 kB) Mary West Comments
RC147 (PDF 11 kB) Pat Martin Proposal 149 Corrected Language
RC148 (PDF 13 kB) Ralph Zimin Testimony
RC149 (PDF 26 kB) Verner Wilson III Proposals 155 and 159
RC150 (PDF 50 kB) Michael Link Proposal 155
RC151 (PDF 119 kB) ADFG Petition Response
RC152 (PDF 48 kB) Brian Cato Points Of Concern
RC153 (PDF 182 kB) Gerda Kosbruk Pictures of Port Heiden
RC154 (PDF 296 kB) BBEDC Outer Port Heiden Info
RC155 (PDF 19 kB) Jimmy Coopchiak Support For 184 Amended
RC156 (PDF 163 kB) Tom Wooding Kvichak Reporting Stocks Wassip
RC157 (PDF 22 kB) Alvin Osterback Proposal 186
RC158 (PDF 18 kB) Julian Manos Chignik Sockeye Harvest
RC159 (PDF 194 kB) Moses Toyukak Sr Photos of Port Heiden
RC160 (PDF 201 kB) Adrianne Christensen Photos of Port Heiden
RC161 (PDF 201 kB) James Christensen Photos of Port Heiden
RC162 (PDF 187 kB) Tony Christensen Photos of Port Heiden
RC163 (PDF 69 kB) BBEDC 1991 North Peninsula Salmon Report
RC164 (PDF 23 kB) Gene Sandone 1989 Management Report
RC165 (PDF 48 kB) Michael Link WASSIP and OPH
RC166 (PDF 47 kB) Chuck McCallum Permit Value Relevance
RC167 (PDF 39 kB) Henry Mack Et Al Resolution June and Post June Management Plan
RC168 (PDF 31 kB) Patrick Brown Resolution Prop 186
RC169 (PDF 87 kB) Patrick Brown SEDM Setnet Sites
RC170 (PDF 12 kB) BBEDC Area M Area T Fishers
RC171 (PDF 162 kB) George Anderson Proposal 186
RC172 (PDF 10 kB) King Cove AC Proposal 190 Withdraw
RC173 (PDF 65 kB) Axel Kopun Dolgoi Sockeye Harvest Distribution
RC174 (PDF 20 kB) ADFG for Jensen Substitute Language Proposal 187
RC175 (PDF 11 kB) Chuck McCallum Prop 193
RC176 (PDF 17 kB) Axel Kopun Prsponse to RC 167
RC177 (PDF 75 kB) ADFG for Johnson AK Pen ANS Info
RC178 (PDF 11 kB) Steve Brown Proposal 149 Withdraw
RC179 (PDF 43 kB) Bruce Barrett Proposal 179 Proposed Compromise
RC180 (PDF 75 kB) Henry Mack Map of Closed Area In RC 176
RC182 (PDF 60 kB) Chignik AC 2-28-16 Sub Committee Minutes
RC183 (PDF 14 kB) Tim Murphy Chignik Response RC 157
RC184 (PDF 72 kB) ADFG AYK King and Chum Escapment
RC185 (PDF 1,003 kB) Jamie Ross 2005 South Pen Management Report
RC186 (PDF 591 kB) Chuck McCallum 2006-2008 Chignik Harvest Rates WASSIP
RC187 (PDF 903 kB) ADFG Replacement for RC 184
RC188 (PDF 585 kB) Axel Kopun District Comparison Map
RC189 (PDF 64 kB) Misc Business Agenda
RC190 (PDF 91 kB) Policy on Tabling and Postponing Proposals
RC191 (PDF 17 kB) ADFG Substitute Language Proposal 185
RC192 (PDF 637 kB) ADFG Substitute Language Proposal 186

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