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Alaska Peninsula/Chignik/Bering Sea-Aleutian Islands Finfish: February 21-26, 2019

Comment due date: Feb. 7, 2019
Location: Anchorage – Sheraton Hotel
Training opportunity: Thursday, Feb. 21 (first meeting day). Boards Support Section is hosting a training course, How to Navigate the Board Process (PDF 3,395 kB) during the lunch break in the main meeting area. The training will occur roughly ten minutes after the noon break and last approximately one hour. All are welcome. Call Boards Support, 907-465-4110, for more information.

Meeting Summary (PDF 141 kB)

Meeting Documents

Department Reports

Deparment of Law Memo (PDF 50 kB)

Alaska Wildlife Troopers Comments (PDF 108 kB)



Meeting Proposals

Alaska Peninsula/Aleutian Island/Chignik Finfish View PDF of all proposals for Alaska Peninsula/Aleutian Island/Chignik Finfish | Hide Category Alaska Peninsula/Aleutian Island/Chignik Finfish

Record Copies (RCs) - Other meeting documents & documents submitted at the meeting

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC004 (PDF 22 kB) Rodney Intagliata Comments Re Escapment
RC005 (PDF 196 kB) Peter Pan Seafoods Comments
RC006 (PDF 147 kB) Fairbanks AC January 9 2019 Minutes
RC007 (PDF 51 kB) David M. Gregory Proposal 159
RC008 (PDF 77 kB) Chignik Bay Elementary Class Comments
RC009 (PDF 148 kB) Bristol Bay Fishermens Assoc. Proposals 144 and 145
RC010 (PDF 132 kB) Alfredo Abou Eid Comments
RC011 (PDF 37 kB) Jimmy Coopchiak Comments
RC012 (PDF 287 kB) OSM Comments on Proposals
RC013 (PDF 1,016 kB) Area M Seiners Assoc Comments on Proposals 136-138
RC014 (PDF 230 kB) Homer AC Minutes February 12 2019
RC015 (PDF 424 kB) David Polushkin for CAMF Proposal 145
RC016 (PDF 37 kB) Butch Gunderson for Nelson Lagoon AC Comments on Proposal 146
RC017 (PDF 149 kB) Craig Danielson June SUSI Harvest
RC018 (PDF 308 kB) CAMF OPH Ugashik Catch
RC019 (PDF 903 kB) Bruce Hendrikson History AK Pen Salmon Industry
RC020 (PDF 153 kB) Alfredo Abou Eid RC 10 Amended
RC021 (PDF 178 kB) Anna C. Caray Chignik Intertribal Coalition Comments
RC022 (PDF 68 kB) Thomas Tilden Public Testimony
RC023 (PDF 401 kB) Gerda Kosbruk Public Testimony
RC024 (PDF 173 kB) Ralph Zimin Public Testimomy
RC025 (PDF 211 kB) Lower Bristol Bay AC Minutes February 6 2019
RC026 (PDF 46 kB) Fritz Sharp Public Testimony
RC027 (PDF 384 kB) Silver Bay Seafoods Comments on Proposals
RC028 (PDF 80 kB) False Pass AC Minutes February 11 2019
RC029 (PDF 19 kB) Raechel Allen Ratio June Unimak to June Shumagin Catches
RC030 (PDF 35 kB) Raechel Allen South Pen Catch Impact Bristol Bay and Chignik
RC031 (PDF 143 kB) Benjamin Allen Impact Comparison Chignik Bristol Bay and South Pen
RC032 (PDF 94 kB) Alana Anderson for City of Chignik Chignik Weir Escapement
RC033 (PDF 161 kB) City of False Pass Comments
RC034 (PDF 155 kB) Unga Tribal Council Resolution 19-07
RC035 (PDF 62 kB) Kay Andrews Public Testimony
RC036 (PDF 1,121 kB) Yakutat Tlingit Tribe Emergency Petition
RC037 (PDF 267 kB) Charlotte Leavy Black Lake Habatat Changes
RC038 (PDF 264 kB) Tom Wooding Harvest Rate Vs Catch Percentage WASSIP
RC039 (PDF 824 kB) BBEDC Comments
RC040 (PDF 56 kB) ADF&G replacement table 147-4
RC041 (PDF 28 kB) Gene Sandone PC 9 Correction
RC042 (PDF 62 kB) Earl Krygier Comments
RC043 (PDF 461 kB) Brad Barr CAMF Bristol Bay Reporting Stocks WASSIP fig. 30
RC044 (PDF 1,154 kB) Tom Murtha Corrected PC 13 Fig. 27
RC045 (PDF 936 kB) Tony Parra Oppose Proposal 125
RC046 (PDF 1,060 kB) Ron Tavis CAMF Proposal 135
RC047 (PDF 904 kB) Dan Schindler U Washington Rearing and Spawning Capacity Chignik Drainage Sockeye
RC048 (PDF 544 kB) Dale Carlson BOF Finding 2004-229-FB
RC049 (PDF 293 kB) Axel Kopun Current Schedule Dolgoi and Shumagin June Fishery
RC050 (PDF 307 kB) Axel Kopun Dramatic Changes S. Unamak and Shumagin June Fisheries Since 2004
RC051 (PDF 207 kB) BBEDC Estimated Gross Earnings
RC052 (PDF 670 kB) Gene J. Sandone Substitute for RC 39
RC053 (PDF 366 kB) ADF&G for Ruffner Swanson Lagoon Sockeye Salmon SOC Recommendation
RC054 (PDF 66 kB) ADF&G for Payton Recent King Salmon Genetic Stock Comp Analysis Westward GOA
RC055 (PDF 271 kB) George Anderson South Pen. Shumagin and Dolgoi
RC056 (PDF 35 kB) Roger Rowland Data from Special Publication 12-24 WASSIP
RC057 (PDF 156 kB) Dakota Anderson Harvest Report Chignik Managment 2018
RC058 (PDF 476 kB) Mitch Seybert for Lower Bristol Bay AC Maps and Callender
RC059 (PDF 563 kB) Mitch Seybert Public Testimony Prop 145
RC060 (PDF 48 kB) Chignik Intertribal Coalition Amend Chignik Area Salmon Plan
RC061 (PDF 381 kB) Kiley Thompson June 2018 Drift and Sein Schedule
RC062 (PDF 80 kB) Sand Point AC Minutes from February 21 2019
RC063 (PDF 485 kB) Kristina Andrew Economic of Comm Fisheries to Chignik Area
RC064 (PDF 366 kB) Patrick Brown Public Testimony for Sand Point AC
RC065 (PDF 803 kB) Henry Mack Comments
RC066 (PDF 82 kB) Sand Point AC Minutes from February 22 2019
RC067 (PDF 164 kB) ADF&G for Cain Black Lake Chignik Lake Sockeye Esc and Comm Harvest
RC068 (PDF 203 kB) ADF&G for Johnson Map WASSIP SEDM
RC069 (PDF 159 kB) Frank Woods Comments on Proposals
RC070 (PDF 245 kB) Charlotte Levy AEB Natural Resources Comments
RC071 (PDF 38 kB) Sand Point AC Minutes Feb 23 2019
RC072 (PDF 215 kB) Ernie Weiss Excerpt from NOAA Technical Memo NMFS-AFSC-343
RC073 (PDF 47 kB) Bruce Barrett Solution Stock Comp Change SEDM
RC074 (PDF 34 kB) Charlotte Levy for Jack Foster Amended Lang SEDM Mgmt Plan
RC075 (PDF 93 kB) Emil Mobeck Withdraw Proposal 133
RC076 (PDF 40 kB) Grant Newton Withdraw Proposal 139
RC077 (PDF 112 kB) Bruce Barrett SEDM All Gear Harvest After July 25
RC078 (PDF 318 kB) Danny Cumberlidge Area M Working Group Revise 5 AAC 09.365
RC079 (PDF 480 kB) Jim Smith Withdraw Proposal 129
RC080 (PDF 713 kB) Pat Martin CAMF Comments
RC081 (PDF 282 kB) Axel Kopun Substitute Language Proposal 134
RC082 (PDF 372 kB) Axel Kopun Prop 131 Substitute Language
RC083 (PDF 89 kB) Kiley Thompson Amended Language Prop 150
RC084 (PDF 44 kB) Kiley Thompson Amended Language Prop 158
RC085 (PDF 12 kB) Emil Mobeck Withdraw Prop 142
RC086 (PDF 13 kB) Don Bumpus Withdraw Prop 150
RC087 (PDF 12 kB) Jack Foster Withdraw Prop 148
RC088 (PDF 13 kB) George Anderson Withdraw Prop 137
RC089 (PDF 84 kB) Mitch Seybert Amended Language Prop 144
RC090 (PDF 69 kB) Mitch Seybert Amended Language Prop 145
RC091 (PDF 647 kB) Aleut Corp. Annual Real Earnings and Permits for Chignik SEDM Set Net
RC092 (PDF 17 kB) Sand Point AC Withdraw Proposals 140 141 143 152
RC093 (PDF 2,369 kB) ADF&G for Jensen Data Request
RC094 (PDF 22 kB) Tim Enright Proposal 144 and 145
RC095 (PDF 10 kB) Axel Kopun Withdraw Proposals 149 and 158
RC096 (PDF 42 kB) Kiley Thompson Ammended Language Proposal 151
RC097 (PDF 19 kB) Gary Anderson Withdraw Proposal 136
RC098 (PDF 46 kB) Bruce Barrett Dolgoi Island Sockeye Harvest
RC099 (PDF 631 kB) Chris Maines Mixed Stock Intercept Fishing
RC100 (PDF 257 kB) ADF&G Chignik Sockeye Escapement
RC101 (PDF 559 kB) ADF&G Subsistence ANS Options Chignik Area Sockeye Data
RC102 (PDF 414 kB) Aleut Corp Estimate of Foregone harvest by Shumagin Seiners
RC103 (PDF 293 kB) Jimmy Coopchiak WASSIP Togiak Igushik
RC104 (PDF 142 kB) ADF&G Shumagin vs CMA Harvest
RC105 (PDF 139 kB) ADF&G for Payton Substitute Language Proposal 151
RC106 (PDF 16 kB) ADF&G for Payton June Sockeye Harvest
RC107 (PDF 332 kB) Area M Working Group Cost Benefit Reduced Time in Shumagin June
RC108 (PDF 458 kB) Aleut Corp Updated RC 102
RC109 (PDF 641 kB) Chignik AC Deliberation Results and Draft Minutes Feb 21
RC110 (PDF 2,555 kB) Fritz Johnson Substitute Language Proposal 131
RC111 (PDF 31 kB) ADF&G for Cain Substitute Language 157
RC112 (PDF 119 kB) Dept. of Law Comments
RC113 (PDF 158 kB) ADF&G for Johnson Substitute Language Proposal 145
RC114 (PDF 391 kB) ADF&G Boards Public Testimony Log
RC115 (PDF 38 kB) Danny Cumberlidge Area M Working Group Ammended Language
RC116 (PDF 32 kB) Area M Working Group Impact of RC 82
RC117 (PDF 20 kB) Area M Working Group Impact of RC 81
RC118 (PDF 47 kB) ADF&G for Payton Substitute Language Prop 134
RC119 (PDF 726 kB) Ernie Carlson and Bruce Barrett Sockeye Harvested After July 25
RC120 (PDF 60 kB) ADF&G for Johnson Harvest Data for Prop 137
RC121 (PDF 30 kB) Tom Corr Chinook Escapement
RC122 (PDF 278 kB) ADF&G for Payton Sub. Language Prop 134 and Chart
RC123 (PDF 38 kB) ADF&G for Jensen Sub. Language Prop 136
RC124 (PDF 328 kB) ADF&G for Johnson Sub. Language Prop 131
RC125 (PDF 39 kB) ADF&G for Johnson Amended Language RC 124 Prop 131
RC126 (PDF 193 kB) ADF&G for Jensen Amended Language RC 123 Prop 136
RC127 (PDF 84 kB) Board Member Johnson Finding on Bristol Bay 32 Foot Vessel Length
RC128 (PDF 24 kB) ADF&G for Ruffner Substitute Language Proposal 138
RC129 (PDF 500 kB) Tim Murphy GOA Sockeye
RC130 (PDF 42 kB) ADF&G for Payton Amended Language RC 126 Prop 136
RC131 (PDF 44 kB) ADF&G for Jensen Amended Substitute Language for RC 123 Prop 136
RC132 (PDF 543 kB) ADF&G AYK Stock of Concern Memo
RC133 (PDF 269 kB) Board Member Jensen Table 14 North Peninsula AMR
RC134 (PDF 684 kB) Tom Wooding Kvichak Reporting Stock WASSIP
RC135 (PDF 70 kB) Misc Business Agenda
RC136 (PDF 32 kB) Alfredo Abou Eid Comments on RC 101
RC137 (PDF 99 kB) ADF&G for Ruffner Substitute Language Proposal 159
RC138 (PDF 81 kB) ADF&G Boards RC Log

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