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Upper Cook Inlet Finfish – January 31–February 13, 2014

Comment Deadline: January 17, 2014

Location: Anchorage – Egan Civic & Convention Center

Meeting Summary:

Meeting Documents:

Department Reports:

CFEC Memo, Comments & Reports:

Record Copy (RC) — Submitted during the meeting

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC006 (PDF 559 kB) Cook Inlet Area Management Plans
RC007 (PDF 25 kB) Greg Acord Central District Drift Management Plan 138 139 142 143 144
RC008 (PDF 27 kB) Glenda Hogan Support Proposals 188 207 209 11 161 126
RC009 (PDF 29 kB) Gary Westra Support Proposals 188 207 209 11 169 161 112 156 248 126 139
RC010 (PDF 28 kB) Chris Bertz Support Proposals 188 207 209 11 169 161 112 156 248 126 139
RC011 (PDF 29 kB) Steve Schoeni Support Proposals 188 207 209 11 169 161 112 156 248 126 139
RC012 (PDF 176 kB) Comment on Proposal 233 by Val Allen
RC013 (PDF 45 kB) Support on Proposals 135 136 137 Oppose 138 139 Charles Lindsay
RC014 (PDF 107 kB) Eric Beeman Comments on Proposals 134 79 123
RC015 (PDF 69 kB) PNCIAC Support Bering Sea Crabbers Emergency Petition
RC016 (PDF 31 kB) Laurie Fagnani Comments on Proposals 188 207 11 169 161 112 156 248 126 139
RC017 (PDF 67 kB) Steve Childs Proposal 307
RC018 (PDF 27 kB) Cindy Lelake Comments on Proposals 188 207 209 11 169 161 112 156 248 126 139
RC019 (PDF 25 kB) Bronwyn Haynes Comments on Proposals 188 207 209 11 169 161 112 156 248 126 139
RC020 (PDF 28 kB) Brad Kirr Comments on Proposals 188 207 209 11 169 161 112 156 248 126 139
RC021 (PDF 22 kB) Jim Jensen Support for Balance of Use of Resources
RC022 (PDF 51 kB) Jack Blackwell Comments on Proposal 233
RC023 (PDF 99 kB) Dan Ducker Comments on Policy for the management of mixed stock salmon fisheries
RC024 (PDF 206 kB) Kenai Soldotna AC Meeting Minutes 1 20 14 and 1 22 14
RC025 (PDF 223 kB) Petition to the Alaska Board of Fisheries Brandy Ware
RC026 (PDF 145 kB) Petition to the Alaska Board of Fisheries Brandy Ware
RC027 (PDF 98 kB) Petition to the Alaska Board of Fisheries Dan Ducker
RC028 (PDF 135 kB) Opposition to Proposal 103
RC029 (PDF 282 kB) Annual Report for 1959 UCIDA
RC030 (PDF 51 kB) Euphotic Volume Model Estimates of Sockeye Salmon Production UCIDA
RC031 (PDF 52 kB) Matsu CIAA UCIDA Project List UCIDA
RC032 (PDF 47 kB) Historic Yentna Escapement Data from ADFG data and reports
RC033 (PDF 32 kB) Area Management Report ADFG UCIDA
RC034 (PDF 167 kB) Historical Statewide and Cook Inlet Salmon Harvest
RC035 (PDF 258 kB) Information for Upper Cook Inlet Finfish meeting Jan 31 Feb 13
RC036 (PDF 37 kB) Support for Proposals 135 136 137
RC037 (PDF 90 kB) Drift Net Fishery Cook Inlet Brian Harrison
RC038 (PDF 209 kB) Mantanuska Susitna Borough Resolutions 14 010 14 012
RC039 (PDF 172 kB) Comment on Proposal 233 Richard Beardall
RC040 (PDF 50 kB) Comment on Proposal 233 Elizabeth Allen
RC041 (PDF 25 kB) Disruption of Fishing Dr Alex Hills
RC042 (PDF 39 kB) Fishery Management in Upper Cook Inlet Diane Rose
RC043 (PDF 80 kB) Letter to BOF from the Greater Palmer Chamber of Commerce
RC044 (PDF 58 kB) Letter to BOF concerning the adequate fish passage to Upper Cook Inlet
RC045 (PDF 50 kB) Dipnetting in Alaska Patty Sullivan
RC046 (PDF 47 kB) Salmon Fishing Stefan Hinman
RC047 (PDF 39 kB) Fish Returning to the Mat Su Drainage
RC048 (PDF 41 kB) Dipnetting in Kenai
RC049 (PDF 63 kB) Opposition to Proposals 269 290
RC050 (PDF 61 kB) Ben Allen Support Proposals 296 298 and 132
RC051 (PDF 49 kB) Tony Russ Proposal 143
RC052 (PDF 52 kB) City of Kenai Rick Koch Testimony Before the BOF
RC053 (PDF 67 kB) Bill Stoltze Targets for both Sport and Commercial Fisheries
RC054 (PDF 22 kB) Permission for Jim Stubbs to Represent Anchorage AC
RC055 (PDF 37 kB) Wes Humbyrd Cook Inlet Fishery Management
RC056 (PDF 16 kB) Matthew Alward Proposals 138 140 142 143
RC057 (PDF 66 kB) Dan Anderson Without Habitat Nothing Flourishes
RC058 (PDF 51 kB) Gary Hollier Kenai River Late King Salmon Management Run
RC059 (PDF 58 kB) Gary Hollier Peak Average Harvest
RC060 (PDF 74 kB) Kasilof Section gillnet sockeye salmon harvest
RC061 (PDF 55 kB) Kenai KIng Fishery Debate Greg and Teresa Groeneweg
RC062 (PDF 31 kB) 2013 Killey and Funny Weir Data Conclusions KAFC (1)
RC062 (PDF 31 kB) 2013 Killey and Funny Weir Data Conclusions KAFC
RC063 (PDF 39 kB) Wes Humburg Mat Su Stock of Concern
RC064 (PDF 19 kB) Kenai King Salmon Terry Umatum
RC065 (PDF 37 kB) Voice of Peninsula King Salmon series strategy silent on king salmon habitat
RC066 (PDF 32 kB) Map of All Area Restrictions Closed UCIDA
RC067 (PDF 30 kB) Map of Cook Inlet Corridor UCIDA
RC068 (PDF 30 kB) Testimony of Howard Delo
RC069 (PDF 131 kB) Matanuska Susitna Borough Fish and Wildlife Comission
RC070 (PDF 143 kB) Matanusk Susitna Borough Fish and Wildlife Commission Recommendations
RC071 (PDF 32 kB) Erik Barnes Probable Cause is Selective Harvest
RC072 (PDF 35 kB) Debbie Palm East Side Setnetters
RC073 (PDF 21 kB) Jackie Ostroot Setnetting in Cook Inlet
RC074 (PDF 26 kB) Board of Fish 2017 Upper Cook Inlet Finfish
RC075 (PDF 694 kB) Mat Valley AC Additional Comments from AC Meeting 10 30 13 BOF Proposals 292 308
RC076 (PDF 38 kB) Statement for Concern for Salmon by Native Village of Eek
RC077 (PDF 54 kB) Importance of Salmon Mark Neuman
RC078 (PDF 23 kB) Anchorage AC Committee Meeting Minutes 1 14 2014
RC079 (PDF 36 kB) Economic Significance of Kenai Peninsula and Anchorage area commercial salmon and other fisheries
RC080 (PDF 45 kB) Map of Bachatna Kustatan and Big River Tides Mark Glassmaker
RC081 (PDF 36 kB) Testimony BOF Steve Lee
RC082 (PDF 22 kB) Mac Minard Oral Testimony
RC083 (PDF 48 kB) Upper Cook Inlet Salmon Fishery Lynn Gattis
RC084 (PDF 28 kB) Kenai Chinook ER Total Run and Age Class Data Errors
RC085 (PDF 455 kB) Cook Inlet Central District Map Bruce Gabrys
RC086 (PDF 15 kB) Video Title Fisheries Induced Genetic Selection Heidi Chay
RC087 (PDF 136 kB) Supplemental Comments in Response to PC300 Arni Thompson
RC089 (PDF 35 kB) Geri Groeneweg Oral Testimony
RC090 (PDF 43 kB) John Jolly Oral Testimony
RC091 (PDF 242 kB) East Side Setnetters KPFA P1
RC092 (PDF 296 kB) East Side Setnetters KPFA P2
RC093 (PDF 245 kB) East Side Setnetters KPFA P3
RC094 (PDF 372 kB) East Side Setnetters KPFA P4
RC095 (PDF 30 kB) Public Comment Give to Task Force March 2013 Joel Doner
RC096 (PDF 37 kB) Yearly Incoming Total Weight All Species Lisa Hanson
RC097 (PDF 22 kB) Public Testimony Jeff Berger
RC098 (PDF 73 kB) City of Seldovia Resolution
RC099 (PDF 47 kB) Comments on Upper Cooklet Elbridge Walker
RC100 (PDF 27 kB) Written Testimony Fred Martushev
RC101 (PDF 195 kB) Historic Eastside Set Net Compromise Sarah Frostad Hudkins
RC102 (PDF 26 kB) Fishery Selection and Pacific salmon life histories Patterns and Process
RC103 (PDF 34 kB) Senator Mike Dunleavy Written Testimony
RC104 (PDF 19 kB) Illegal Salmon Fishing Kenai River Professional Guides Association
RC105 (PDF 162 kB) Ashton Mallory Testimony
RC106 (PDF 20 kB) Paul Carlson Written Testimony
RC107 (PDF 34 kB) Alex Gimarc Lawsuit Filed by UCIDA
RC108 (PDF 944 kB) Conservation of Kenai Kings KAFC
RC109 (PDF 122 kB) Tim Donner Testimony
RC110 (PDF 168 kB) Joel Doner Testimony
RC111 (PDF 695 kB) Tentative Proposal Grouping for Committee of the Whole Groups
RC112 (PDF 126 kB) Testimony Scott Johnston
RC113 (PDF 122 kB) Personal Testimony to Alaska BOF Bill Sullivan
RC114 (PDF 160 kB) Alaska Salmon Alliance Testimony Arni Thompson
RC115 (PDF 574 kB) Alaska Salmon Alliance Flyer
RC116 (PDF 143 kB) Christine Brandt East Side Set Netting Testimony
RC117 (PDF 198 kB) South K Beach Independent Fishermans Association Comments
RC118 (PDF 91 kB) Comments on Testimony Gary Hollier
RC119 (PDF 70 kB) Kenai River Chinook ER Spawning Distribution
RC120 (PDF 835 kB) Public Testimony List ADFG Boards Support
RC121 (PDF 156 kB) KRSA Proposal 103 Kenai River Sportfishing Association
RC122 (PDF 419 kB) Written Testimony Craig Schloesser
RC123 (PDF 144 kB) What Kenai Sockeye Salmon Yields Do We Want KPFA
RC124 (PDF 333 kB) PC301 USFWS
RC125 (PDF 339 kB) Amendment to Proposal 105 SOKI
RC126 (PDF 1,292 kB) Proposals 209 211 Signatures Support P1
RC127 (PDF 1,247 kB) Proposals 209 211 Signatures Support P2
RC128 (PDF 614 kB) Proposals 209 211 Signatures Support P3
RC129 (PDF 464 kB) Effects of Fishery Alternatives on Kenai LR Kings
RC130 (PDF 134 kB) William Faulkner Public Testimony
RC131 (PDF 59 kB) KRSA Proposal 190 Early Run Kenai King Strategy
RC132 (PDF 83 kB) South K Beach Independent Fishermans Association Cook Inlet Regulatory Meeting
RC133 (PDF 43 kB) Pull of Support for rc58 Gary Hollier
RC134 (PDF 393 kB) CFEC Memorandum Bruce Gabrys
RC135 (PDF 81 kB) Total Kenai King Harvest By Age
RC136 (PDF 561 kB) KRSA Substitute Language Proposal 209
RC137 (PDF 191 kB) Comparison to Historic data Christine Brandt
RC138 (PDF 60 kB) Opposition to ESSN fishery Daniel Norman
RC139 (PDF 299 kB) Substitute regulatory language for proposal 209 ADFG
RC140 (PDF 110 kB) Gail Phillips Kenai River King Salmon
RC141 (PDF 118 kB) Framework for alternative ESSN proposal 2014 UCI KPFA
RC142 (PDF 280 kB) South K Beach Independent Fishermans Association Proposal 211
RC143 (PDF 452 kB) South K Beach Independent Fishermans Association Proposal 209
RC144 (PDF 341 kB) Substitute Regulatory language proposal 209
RC145 (PDF 384 kB) Kenai Peninsula Fishermans Association RC139
RC146 (PDF 79 kB) Gary Hollier RC139
RC147 (PDF 215 kB) Kenai River Late Run King Salmon Management Plan Megan and Todd Smith
RC148 (PDF 145 kB) Joseph Person Statstical Area Break Down for Upper Cook Inlet East side Set Net Fishery
RC149 (PDF 211 kB) Brent Johnson Kenai River Late Run King Salmon Management Plan
RC150 (PDF 122 kB) Jeff Berger Comments on Proposal 209 and board generated rc139
RC151 (PDF 343 kB) Substitute Regulatory Language Proposal 209
RC152 (PDF 222 kB) ADFG Codified Language
RC153 (PDF 63 kB) Establish Kenai River Chinook Salmon Sanctuaries Dennis Randa
RC154 (PDF 117 kB) Support for Proposal 219 KPFA
RC155 (PDF 63 kB) Withdrawl of Proposal 195 and Support for Proposal 193 Christine Brandt
RC156 (PDF 71 kB) AC Comments on Proposal 125 151 281 152
RC157 (PDF 72 kB) Proposal 123 David Chessik
RC158 (PDF 170 kB) Proposed language for the Big River Management Plan
RC159 (PDF 124 kB) Communication regarding hooks Eric Nyce
RC160 (PDF 92 kB) Selective Harvest Module Brent Johnson
RC161 (PDF 50 kB) Proposal 79 Mark Glassmaker
RC162 (PDF 90 kB) Little Susitna Water Quality proposals 316 317
RC163 (PDF 158 kB) Replacement Language Proposal 296
RC164 (PDF 70 kB) Pulling of Support for Prop 130
RC165 (PDF 207 kB) Latency Rates Bruce Gabrys
RC166 (PDF 119 kB) Kenai River Personal Use Fishery Chris Every
RC167 (PDF 269 kB) Primary South Beach Dipnet Area
RC168 (PDF 404 kB) Research and Management Needs for Upper Cook Inlet Howard Delo
RC169 (PDF 106 kB) Kenai River Sportfishery
RC170 (PDF 332 kB) Opposition to proposals 292 293 294 297
RC171 (PDF 109 kB) Proposal 161 Kenai River Late Run Sockeye Salmon Management Plan
RC172 (PDF 57 kB) Corrections Anchorage AC Comments Proposals 161 and Prop 300
RC173 (PDF 82 kB) Oppose Prop 118
RC174 (PDF 89 kB) Markov Table on Kasilof
RC175 (PDF 120 kB) Markov Table on Kenai
RC176 (PDF 85 kB) Replacement Language Proposal 79
RC177 (PDF 575 kB) Purpose of Proposal 135 UCIDA
RC178 (PDF 497 kB) Evidence Regarding Stocking Kenai King
RC179 (PDF 148 kB) Kasilof River Salmon Management Plan
RC180 (PDF 288 kB) Submitted Proposal not included in Proposal Book
RC181 (PDF 311 kB) Proposal 150 Suggested Language Changes
RC182 (PDF 392 kB) Proposals 150 155 Paul Shadura
RC183 (PDF 102 kB) Katy Rullman Comments on Prop 126
RC184 (PDF 412 kB) Statistics from Bob Clark
RC185 (PDF 458 kB) Kenai Kasiliof Sockeye Caught
RC186 (PDF 1,914 kB) Support Proposal 127
RC187 (PDF 1,314 kB) Effects of Expanded Kenai and Kasilof Sections Drift Net Fishery
RC188 (PDF 902 kB) Commercial Fishing of Pike Neil Dewitt
RC189 (PDF 1,772 kB) Committee A Summary
RC190 (PDF 1,241 kB) Committee B Summary
RC191 (PDF 126 kB) Committee C Report
RC192 (PDF 162 kB) Committee D Report
RC193 (PDF 212 kB) Committee E Report
RC194 (PDF 1,366 kB) 1 Percent Rule Revision and Map
RC195 (PDF 447 kB) Harvest Priorities Needs of Seafood Processors
RC196 (PDF 52 kB) Proposal 250
RC197 (PDF 47 kB) Withdrawl of Proposal 107
RC198 (PDF 53 kB) Withdrawl of Support Proposal 248
RC199 (PDF 77 kB) Proposal 141
RC200 (PDF 2,504 kB) Stock Composiiton Genetic Data ADFG
RC201 (PDF 134 kB) Committee D Proposal 300
RC202 (PDF 501 kB) Conserving Salmon in the Mat Su Borough
RC203 (PDF 149 kB) Substitute Language for Proposal 124
RC204 (PDF 121 kB) KRSA Late Run Kenai River King Salmon Management Plan
RC205 (PDF 323 kB) North Offshore Test Fishery Sockeye CPUE ADFG
RC206 (PDF 408 kB) Turbidity Monitoring Lower Kenai River Dwight Kraemer
RC207 (PDF 182 kB) Proposal Requesting BOF for legislature recommendation for Eradication of Invasive Species
RC208 (PDF 296 kB) Kenai River Late Run Sockeye Salmon Mangement Plan
RC209 (PDF 246 kB) Proposal 167 Paul Shadura
RC210 (PDF 74 kB) Drift Fishing Sockeye and Coho ADFG
RC211 (PDF 303 kB) Reject Proposal 161 Support 160 KPFA
RC212 (PDF 208 kB) Support Proposal 148 KPFA
RC213 (PDF 452 kB) Proposal 209 as Amended RC151 KPFA
RC214 (PDF 436 kB) Lack of Salmon in Valley Rivers and Streams
RC215 (PDF 809 kB) KAFC Position on Proposal 238
RC216 (PDF 256 kB) KAFC Proposal 238
RC217 (PDF 88 kB) Coho Fact Sheet Regarding Commercial Harvest
RC218 (PDF 58 kB) Proposal 133 Alaska Salmon Alliance
RC219 (PDF 141 kB) Issues Related to RC151
RC220 (PDF 40 kB) Proposal 281 Amendment
RC221 (PDF 72 kB) Upper Cook Inlet Peronsal Use Salmon Fishery Management Plan
RC222 (PDF 110 kB) Upper Cook Inlet Salmon Harvest and Abundance
RC223 (PDF 95 kB) Comments on Proposal 209
RC224 (PDF 79 kB) Board Generated Proposal A
RC225 (PDF 114 kB) Kenai River KRPGA
RC226 (PDF 92 kB) Substitute Regulatory Language for Proposal 319
RC227 (PDF 550 kB) Proposal 154 Amended Language in RC179
RC228 (PDF 406 kB) Gillnet Specifications and Operations
RC229 (PDF 101 kB) Subcommittee D Little Susitna River Sport Fishing Regulation
RC230 (PDF 75 kB) One Percent Rule Proposal 119 Support RC194
RC231 (PDF 270 kB) Substitute Language for Proposal 139
RC232 (PDF 976 kB) Draft 2012 Integrated Report Comments
RC233 (PDF 306 kB) Letter to Commissioner Joe Balash
RC234 (PDF 64 kB) Adequate Access to Coho UCIDA
RC235 (PDF 170 kB) Susitna Watana Hydroelectric Project
RC236 (PDF 266 kB) Substitute Language for Proposal 135
RC237 (PDF 494 kB) Substitute Language for Proposal 139 Requested by Kluberton
RC238 (PDF 374 kB) Statement Regarding Kenai River Habitat Reports Lisa Gabriel
RC239 (PDF 409 kB) Substitute Language for Proposals 135 and RC236 and RC237
RC240 (PDF 160 kB) Upper Cook Inlet Drift Boat Permit Stacking with Gear Reduction
RC241 (PDF 409 kB) Support Prop 135 and RC177 Oppose RC231 RC236 and RC237
RC242 (PDF 607 kB) Proposals 131 and 132
RC243 (PDF 411 kB) Proposal 177
RC244 (PDF 529 kB) Proposals 116 and 177
RC245 (PDF 232 kB) Amendment Proposal 173
RC246 (PDF 274 kB) Substitute Language for Prop 307
RC247 (PDF 299 kB) The Kasilof section opens up to three weeks
RC248 (PDF 259 kB) Correction to RC247
RC249 (PDF 242 kB) Withdraw Support for Prop 313 Subcommittee D
RC250 (PDF 418 kB) Substitute Language for Prop 250 KRPGA
RC251 (PDF 750 kB) Kenai Late Run King Plan KPFA
RC252 (PDF 1,540 kB) Amendment of Proposal 53 with Supporting Data
RC253 (PDF 595 kB) Drift Boat Only Day on Kenai River
RC254 (PDF 465 kB) Proposal 134 Proposed Language for the Big River Management Plan
RC255 (PDF 388 kB) Proposals 123 and 124
RC256 (PDF 157 kB) Proposal 79 Mark Glassmaker
RC257 (PDF 310 kB) The King of Fish
RC258 (PDF 347 kB) Index of Prop 47 thru 50 52 thru 57 and 81
RC259 (PDF 2,086 kB) RC Index to date
RC260 (PDF 96 kB) Addendum to RC258
RC261 (PDF 178 kB) AK Constitution
RC262 (PDF 256 kB) Prop 134 Map
RC263 (PDF 266 kB) Withdraw Prop 253
RC264 (PDF 219 kB) Withdraw Prop 259
RC265 (PDF 2,426 kB) Comments on Prop 252
RC266 (PDF 344 kB) Oppose Prop 79
RC267 (PDF 1,441 kB) Oppose RC158
RC268 (PDF 462 kB) Support for Prop 123 and 134 Eric Beeman
RC269 (PDF 155 kB) Current Lake Run Kenai River King Salmon Restrictions KRSA
RC270 (PDF 731 kB) Committee E Public Testimony Synopsis
RC271 (PDF 486 kB) Kenai River Guide Academy
RC272 (PDF 88 kB) Regarding Selective Harvest Modules
RC273 (PDF 112 kB) Cheritable Events Currently Sponsored by the Kenai River Professional Guides Association
RC274 (PDF 119 kB) Consideration for Prop 107
RC275 (PDF 391 kB) Current Late Run Kenai River King Salmon Restrictions
RC276 (PDF 270 kB) Kenai River Habitat
RC277 (PDF 136 kB) Lack of Publicly Accessible Facilities in Lower Kenai River
RC278 (PDF 66 kB) Kenai King Productivity Dennis Randa
RC279 (PDF 506 kB) Proposal 133 SOKI
RC280 (PDF 185 kB) Proposal 148
RC281 (PDF 295 kB) Proposal 293
RC282 (PDF 642 kB) Proposal 209 Amended through RC151
RC283 (PDF 126 kB) Support for Board Generated Propsoal RC179 RC227
RC284 (PDF 118 kB) Kenai Chinook Salmon Harvest Genetic Sampling
RC285 (PDF 330 kB) Concerns Over Late Run King Salmon
RC286 (PDF 231 kB) New Information Regarding Proposal 135 Amended with RC236
RC287 (PDF 564 kB) Proposal 209 RC151
RC288 (PDF 256 kB) Board Generated Proposal B
RC289 (PDF 7,268 kB) RC Log

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