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Arctic / Yukon / Kuskokwim Finfish – January 12–16, 2016

Comment Deadline: December 28, 2015

Location: Fairbanks – Alpine Lodge

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Meeting Proposals

Arctic / Yukon / Kuskokwim Finfish View PDF of all proposals for Arctic / Yukon / Kuskokwim Finfish | Hide Category Arctic / Yukon / Kuskokwim Finfish

Record Copy (RC) — Submitted during the meeting

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC004 (PDF 327 kB) AYK Management Plan Regs
RC005 (PDF 1,285 kB) Koyukuk River AC Minutes
RC006 (PDF 168 kB) Eagle AC Minutes
RC007 (PDF 71 kB) Stan Zuray Fish Friendly Fish Wheels
RC008 (PDF 582 kB) Nancy and Paul Mendenhall Props 129 and 131
RC009 (PDF 88 kB) Western Interior RAC Comments
RC010 (PDF 2,082 kB) Northern Seward Pen AC Minutes
RC011 (PDF 260 kB) Boards Support Coastal Erosion Summary
RC012 (PDF 303 kB) CFEC Proposal 126
RC013 (PDF 46 kB) Gerald Cooper Olga Bay Comment
RC014 (PDF 672 kB) OSM Kuskokwim Proposal Comments
RC015 (PDF 580 kB) Napaimute Traditional Council Position Statement
RC016 (PDF 285 kB) Chariton Epchook Kuskokwim Proposals
RC017 (PDF 122 kB) Mark Leary Personal Testimony
RC018 (PDF 62 kB) Kwethluk Joint Group Resolution
RC019 (PDF 202 kB) Frank Alstrom Current Yukon Regulations
RC020 (PDF 55 kB) Michael James Personal Testimony
RC021 (PDF 87 kB) Tanya Epchook Personal Testimony
RC022 (PDF 157 kB) Virgil Umphenour ADFG Study on Chinook
RC023 (PDF 44 kB) Kwikpak Fisheries Proposals 118 123 126
RC024 (PDF 28 kB) Kwikpak Withdraw Proposal 111
RC025 (PDF 97 kB) Kuskokwim Subsistence Salmon Panel Minutes
RC026 (PDF 97 kB) Gene Sandone Personal Testimony
RC027 (PDF 193 kB) KRSMWG Meeting Summary
RC028 (PDF 43 kB) David Bill Letter of Support
RC029 (PDF 32 kB) Kwikpak Suggest Language Prop 125
RC030 (PDF 455 kB) Eagle AC King Conservation
RC031 (PDF 91 kB) Jeff Bassett Coastal Erosion Comments
RC032 (PDF 123 kB) Substitute Language Proposal 143
RC033 (PDF 55 kB) Alannah Hurley Coastal Erosion Comments
RC034 (PDF 45 kB) Kristina Kurtz Coastal Erosion Comment
RC035 (PDF 584 kB) ADFG Draft Findings Establishing Bag Limits in Subsistence and PU Fisheries
RC036 (PDF 70 kB) ADFG Substitute Language Prop 139
RC037 (PDF 1,054 kB) OSM Map Proposal 135
RC038 (PDF 106 kB) ADFG Substitute Language Prop 92
RC039 (PDF 157 kB) ADFG Request Jensen Sub Lang 109
RC040 (PDF 104 kB) ADFG Request Jensen Sub Lang 116
RC041 (PDF 41 kB) ADFG Request Jensen Sub Lang 118
RC042 (PDF 40 kB) ADFG Request Jensen Sub Lang 123
RC043 (PDF 60 kB) Substitute Language Prop 125
RC044 (PDF 98 kB) Substitute Language Prop 126
RC045 (PDF 66 kB) ADFG Request Jensen Sub Lang 128
RC046 (PDF 28 kB) ADFG Request Jeffrey Sub Lang 131
RC047 (PDF 33 kB) ADFG Request Jeffrey Sub Lang 133
RC048 (PDF 30 kB) ADFG Request Jeffrey Sub Lang 223
RC049 (PDF 152 kB) Wes Jones Additional Information Prop 223
RC050 (PDF 29 kB) Daniel Gillikin Table Prop 95 222
RC051 (PDF 33 kB) Daniel Gillikin Withdrawl Proposal 93
RC052 (PDF 96 kB) Public Testimony Log
RC053 (PDF 90 kB) Substitute Language Prop 143
RC054 (PDF 66 kB) Boards Support Proposed Coastal Erosion Draft Criteria
RC055 (PDF 90 kB) BBEDC Proposed Coastal Erosion Draft Criteria
RC056 (PDF 99 kB) Misc Business Agenda
RC057 (PDF 27 kB) ADFG Request Huntington Sub Lang 144

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