Learn about Wildlife at Home or at School

For more than 35 years the Alaska Department of Fish and Game has worked to support educators teaching about Alaska's wildlife and habitat. Now, more than ever, engagement in the outdoors with easy-to-use, place-based lessons and materials will help your students connect with their place, families, and the natural world.

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Contact: Brenda Duty, Alaska Wildlife Curriculum Coordinator brenda.duty@alaska.gov

Tracks and Animal Signs
Check out the different ways you can learn about animal signs!
Learn about the amazing similarities and differences of the fur on Alaska's Animals with these resources.
How to videos
Activities for Home or School
Lessons for a changing Season
Even if your community is still covered in snow, changes are happening! Check out how trees and shrubs respond to more light and heat.
Learn more about Alaska's Bears Teaching Guide with worksheets, activities and background information
Scavenger Hunts
Grow your observation skills with a little hunt and find. Using a camera to photograph your finds to create a digital journal to introduce technology. Revisit the sites to see what has changed!
Inquiry Challenges
Beaver Finger Puppets
Returning and Emerging Wildlife
Birds are back
The Alaska State Refuges are special places where migrating birds nest or just stop over. Here are a few guides for adults or students to learn more.
Wood Frogs
This time of year wood frogs are croaking their song all over Alaska. They can be found even in the busiest places in Alaska. Test your wood frog knowledge by their 'song,' learn about their life cycle and their amazing winter survival adaptation.
Sea Mammals
Learn about the impacts of trash on wildlife with Fish and Game biologist Sue Goodglick and a video, 'Trash Talk'
Interactive Lessons
Early Childhood
Grow As We Go!
Some animals begin their life looking very different. Color and cut out the cards for this fun activity and place their growth stages in order. Which animal has the most stages and who has the least?
Videos and Media for students