Education & Outreach

Students dissect fish with ADF&G staff Welcome. Education plays a vital role in fish and wildlife conservation. We are proud to provide a wealth of information and educational resources on a wide range of conservation and outdoor topics. Whether you are a hunter, angler, teacher, parent or an aspiring outdoors person, we have resources to help. Search the main categories to learn about our many offerings including workshops for teachers, educational and informational materials, camps and skills clinics for youth and adults, and much more. You can also browse our calendar to find dates of courses, camps, clinics and other community events. We offer educational resources for all ages, from early childhood to adults.

Upcoming Events

  • Duck Hunting
    Anchorage — August 2, 5pm-9pm
  • Fairbanks BOW Hunter Education
    Fairbanks — August 2 & 3, 6pm-10pm
  • Small Game Hunting
    Anchorage — August 10, 5pm-9pm
  • BOW Archery 101 Glennallen
    Glennallen — August 11 & 12, 5:30pm-8pm

Calendar of Events

Did You Know?

Wooden boats Research shows that unstructured free play outdoors brings a host of benefits to children: It makes kids healthier, happier and smarter.

Education Opportunities