Wood Frog Monitoring Program
Get Involved

This program is no longer active. Material on these pages is here only for reference.

Get involved in our Citizen Science wood frog program by participating in a wood frog survey, reporting your wood frog observation, or requesting an educational presentation.

Participate in a Wood Frog Survey

You can become involved by reporting frogs that you have seen or you can conduct a more formal listening survey. Visit a wetland during the mating season and listen for Wood Frog “calls”. You can choose to survey one location for one night, one location for several nights, or a roadside route of up to ten locations for several nights through the calling season. Please see our Instructions and fill out our Data Forms.


Throughout Southcentral and Interior Alaska - Virtually anywhere that has standing water for at least part of the summer qualifies as potential frog habitat: Lakes, ponds, bogs, marshes, temporary pools - even roadside ditches - anywhere that has standing water for at least part of the summer. These surveys can be done easily from backyard ponds, neighborhood bogs, or roadside wetlands.


Approximately April 25 – June 10. They are expected to emerge from hibernation sometime in late April or early May, depending on temperature and snow cover. More southerly areas may start hearing frogs around the last week in April. Sites further north, such as Talkeetna, will probably not hear frogs calling until mid-May. But you never know!!! You may run the survey as many times as you like until you no longer hear frogs calling. For best results, start visiting your site(s) before you hear the first frog calls and continue until the frogs are no longer calling. It is estimated that this will be a two to three week period.

Request a Wood Frog Program

You may also become involved by requesting a wood frog program for your classroom, summer camp, or other organization. We give programs which include a short PowerPoint presentation and fun activities to grades K-6 and a longer more age-appropriate PowerPoint presentation to grades 7-12. We also offer programs to summer camps, and PowerPoint Presentations to organizations. Check out our other programs featuring bats or loons and grebes. Contact us to schedule a program.