Our Partners

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game is tasked with the responsibility of caring for and improving the fish and game resources within our state and handling their use in a way that serves the greatest interest of the people. Alaska is a large state, and it takes a big team to successfully care for all of the resources here. Therefore, we at ADF&G are committed to working with the tribes in Alaska and a diverse group of State and Federal agencies to successfully fulfill our responsibility and meet our mission.

The Outdoor Heritage Foundation of Alaska is the official foundation of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and a leading provider of conservation education programs in Alaska.


The department also works cooperatively with various universities and nongovernmental organizations in formal and informal partnership arrangements. These arrangements often involve individuals or organized groups helping ADF&G conduct activities of mutual interest such as skills clinics and natural history presentations, as well as assisting with local research or baseline environmental monitoring through our established citizen science program. Partnerships with the Alaska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit help to promote research and graduate student training in the ecology and management of fish, wildlife and their habitats.