ADF&G's Trophy Fish Program
Sport Fishing

The Youth category of the Trophy Fish Program is an opportunity for young anglers to be recognized for catching a trophy fish. This category is open to anglers who are 15 years of age or younger. These rules apply to catch-and-release as well as kept fish.

Catch-and-Release Certificate

For catch-and-release certificates, it’s best not to remove your fish from the water. Hold it just at the water’s surface while a photograph is quickly taken, then release it into the current. Minimum lengths for catch-and-release certificates are listed in the table below. Not applicable to all species.
Catch & Release Affidavit

Trophy Fish Certificate

Minimum weights for trophy fish certificates are listed on the table below. Entries must be weighed in the presence of at least one witness or a Trophy Fish Official, on a scale currently certified by the Division of Weights and Measures.
Trophy Fish Affidavit

Youth Trophy Fish Minimum Weights to Qualify
Species Trophy Certificate Min. Weight Catch & Release Certificate Min. Length
Arctic Char/Dolly Varden8 pounds25 inches
Brook Trout2 pounds16 inches
Burbot6 pounds28 inches
Chum salmon10 poundsN/A
Coho salmon12 poundsN/A
Cutthroat trout (sea-run)2 pounds16 inches
Arctic grayling2 pounds16 inches
Halibut150 poundsN/A
King salmon (from Kenai River)50 poundsN/A
King salmon (from other waters)35 poundsN/A
Lake trout15 pounds30 inches
Lingcod40 pounds45 inches
Northern pike10 pounds35 inches
Pink salmon6 poundsN/A
Rainbow/SteelheadN/A25 inches
Rockfish (Yelloweye and Shortraker)18 poundsN/A
Sheefish20 pounds30 inches
Sockeye salmon8 poundsN/A
Whitefish3 poundsN/A