Kodiak and Alaska Peninsula/Aleutian Islands Management Area
Fishing Management - Afognak/Shuyak Island

Marine and fresh waters of the Afognak / Shuyak Island group comprise the third most popular sport fishing destination in the Kodiak Area. The primary species targeted in this area is coho salmon in a number of locations around the two islands, however, sockeye salmon, pink salmon, halibut, lingcod and rockfish are also targeted.

Afognak Island lies 25 miles northeast of Kodiak Island. Principal public land managers on Afognak Island include the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Alaska State Parks Division. Much of Afognak Island is in private ownership by Alaska native corporations. Anglers planning a trip to Afognak Island should be certain to check the land ownership status of the area they're interested in, in case land use fees may be required.

At 47,000 acres, Shuyak Island, located 54 air miles northeast of Kodiak, is part of the Alaska State Park system. The park encompasses part of a coastal forest system unique to the Kodiak Archipelago, which contains only one tree species: Sitka spruce. Shuyak Island's compact dimensions, measuring 12 miles long and 11 miles wide, contain more sheltered interior waterways than anywhere in the Kodiak Archipelago. Travel to Shuyak is either by water or air. Commercial air service is available from Anchorage to the cities of Kodiak or Homer. Several air charters provide floatplane service to Shuyak either from Kodiak and also direct from Homer. When visiting Shuyak, you may either camp or rent one of the four public use cabins managed by the Shuyak Island State Park. Groceries and other supplies must be purchased before you arrive at Shuyak. Visitors should be as self-sufficient as possible as assistance could be hours or days away.

Certain areas in Kitoi Bay on southeast Afognak Island have closed waters and fishing seasons that are in place only for those areas. If you are planning a fishing trip, be sure to know where the closures are located.