Wildlife Action Plan
Plan Implementation

Alaska's Wildlife Action Plan covers a broad spectrum of conservation issues and activities. Through this planning effort and product, a variety of potential partners can engage in efforts to benefit fish and wildlife. Partnering will focus conservation efforts on high priority needs, make the best use of limited funding, and ultimately help to keep species from being listed as threatened or endangered.

Terrestrial and Marine Resources

The Threatened, Endangered, and Diversity Program was created to begin implementing the conservation strategies outlined in Alaska's Wildlife Action Plan. The mission of the program is to conserve the natural diversity of Alaska's wildlife, habitats, and ecosystems.

Fish & Aquatic Invertebrates

As a first step in implementing conservation priorities specifically for aquatic species, the department's Division of Sport Fish prepared an Aquatic Resources Implementation Plan (PDF 5,838 kB). It outlines key goals, strategies, and actions aimed at filling gaps in knowledge of Alaska's diverse aquatic species and their habitats. The overall intent is to better conserve, manage and, where possible, improve these resources.